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Sodas linked to Death

April 18, 2014


STOP! Drinking sodas, this is a fact, sodas are toxic to the body (poison) if you are letting your kids drink sodas you are killing their future. FACT! The number one killer for kids 14 and under is cancer. If your child is drinking sodas their chances are much higher for them to get cancer, do you want to take that chance. Come on America why are you putting your families’ health at the bottom of the list. You and your kids need to go visit an extended care home, you will see hundreds of older people who are not really that old suffering every day with pain, the sad thing is most of them are wishing they would die, Emily and I see this twice a week, Emily helps one of the tenants, because of Emily his health is much better then most of them.


Those of you that are trying everything you can to lose weight and can not and are drinking sodas, get this, just a little sodas, I am sure you soda drinkers are not drinking just a little, will slow your metabolism down by 75%.

Sodas, bottle water, sports drinks, tap water will put your body in an acidic environment, listen very closely to what I am about to tell you, this is medical facts. The reason why you are either over weight or you just cannot seem to lose that extra body fat, your body is protecting itself from dying because you are so acidic. Your body will store the built up acidic crystal in a fat cell, the more acidic you are the fatter you get, the more sodas you drink the fatter you get. The point is, you want to lose weight stop drinking sodas and start drinking restructured alkaline water. I know you are thinking here we go again, it is the water.

ph chart 1

The truth is your body is 75% water; can you live without water? NO, can you live without sodas? YES, will you get some kind of disease if you keep drinking sodas? YES.

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It is your choice, live a long healthy life or live a long sick life and suffer.

To older women

Go to to see the truth about water

Go to for a free Health ebook.


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