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The truth about how important micro-clustered water is for hydration and not all waters are the same.

April 14, 2014

Aquaporins water channels in cells

The truth about how important micro-clustered water is for hydration and not all waters are the same.

Noble Prize in Chemistry Winners 8 October 2003
Peter Agre Roderick Mackinnon for the discovery of how water enters the cells.

Water Channels

All living matter is made up of cells. A single human being has as many as the stars in a galaxy, about one hundred thousand million. The various cells – e.g. muscle cells, kidney cells and nerve cells – act together in an intricate system in each one of us. Through pioneering discoveries concerning the water and ion channels of cells, this year’s Nobel Laureates Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon, have contributed to fundamental chemical knowledge on how cells function. They have opened our eyes to a fantastic family of molecular machines: channels, gates and valves all of which are needed for the cell to function.

It was in 1998 that Roderick MacKinnon succeeded for the first time in showing what ion channels look like at atomic level – an achievement which, together with Agre’s discovery of water channels, opened up entirely new research areas in biochemistry and biology.

water chennels

To maintain even pressure in the cells it is important that water can pass through the cell wall. This has been known for a long time. The appearance and function of these pores, remained for a long time as one of the classical unsolved problems of biochemistry. It was not until around 1990 that Peter Agre discovered the first water channel.

Thousands of millions of water molecules per second pass through one single channel. The medical consequences of Agre’s and MacKinnon’s discoveries are also important. A number of diseases can be attributed to poor functioning in the water and ion channels of the human body.

From what you have just read about and knowing these two guys surly most know what they are talking about can you see how important micro-clustering is to hydrate the cell at the cellular level.

Bottle water, tap water, sports drinks, sodas are in clusters of 10-80 molecules where as restructured negative charge alkaline water(kangen water) are in clusters of 1-3 depending on how high the charge is.

water micro-clusdered

It is your choice drink contaminated water or the best water in the world (kangen water)

You can not buy this water at any store


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