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Micro Clustering the Key to Superior Hydration

April 11, 2014

micro clustered waterph chart 1

Micro clustering the key to superior Hydration

Must people do not realize that there is a difference in the structure of water for superior hydration? Most people think, including me a few years ago by drinking bottle water or those sports drinks we were hydrating our bodies. I have learned in the last couple of years, we had it all wrong.

I was never taught in school or in any of my classes that there is a difference in the structure of water, I have always thought that water is just water, even our up and coming doctors have know idea that there is a difference in waters.

All these years that I was drinking bottle water, and giving my clients bottle water I thought I was doing something healthy and hydrating my body, boy was I wrong, the bad part is it took me 59 years to figure that out.

First thing first, we need to know a little about the anatomy of a cell, we also know we have 75+ trillion cells that need hydration (water), so the question is how do we get the water inside that cell. The cell itself is very technical so lets try to keep simple. Ok, you have a cell wall, all cells have a charge to them, positive on the inside negative on the outside, just like your body has a charge, to be healthy the average person has a charge of a negative 20 to 25, a child is around a negative 45 and a athlete is around a negative 40 to 50. Why is so important to know? Because as the electrical charge starts to drop in your body because you are getting more acidic from the environmental toxin you breathe, the process foods you eat and the toxic chemicals in the water you are drinking, as the charge starts to drop in your body that is when diseases start to appear. When your body drops in the positive side that is when cancer starts to grow. A 100% of all cancer patients are acidic and have a positive charge.

Now picture this, on the cell wall there is a little window that funnels down into the cell. Because most Americans are dehydrated and acidic, the inside of the cell is packed with acid waste, if it stays in there to long it will cause cell damage and that is when you will get some type of disease. You have to have a way to flush out that acid waste daily; the answer to how you do that is water. Yep, that’s right water, the problem is the water I was drinking for 59 years was not hydrating my cells at the cellular level all because the molecules are to big to penetrate the cell wall, I would be lucky if my body was getting 17% of the water I was drinking. All the medical issues I had was due to dehydration and acid build up in my 75+ trillion cells, just like most Americans who are sick.

Yep that is right, the root of being sick or having some type of degenerative disease is dehydration, once you understand this you then can solve the root to why you are sick, remember drugs just mask the problem, it will not cure it, your own body will cure any disease if you give it the right tools.

Your bottle water, tap water, sports drinks are in clusters of 40 to 80 molecules, way to big to hydrate the cell and besides they have a positive charge to them, that means anything that has a positive charge is not micro-clustered. Restructured alkaline water (kangen water) has a negative charge and because of that, the molecules are in clusters of 3-5 much smaller to enter the cell wall and flush out all the acidic waste you have built up, this will help to but your body in an alkaline environment. To be healthy and fight diseases your body needs to be in a pH 7.3 alkaline or above. On the pH scale in the picture you can see the acidic side and the alkaline side, most of you are on the acidic side if you are eating the western diet, drinking bottle water, tap water sodas, and sports drinks, if you feel good now and you have been doing this for years don’t worry eventually you will get some type of a medical issue later in life.

As you can see in the picture bottle water, tap water is in large molecules clusters, restructured negative charge alkaline water are in small clusters.

Let me give you an example: you have a tennis ball which represents bottle water, the tennis net is the cell wall, throw the ball at the net what do you think will happen, your right the ball will bounce off the net. Now take little BB’s that represent restructured alkaline water throw them at the net and see what happens, you guessed it they went throw the net, that shows you why negative charge alkaline water is able to hydrate you much more superior then any bottle water or sports drink.

Because of the negative charge in the water, you cannot buy this water at any store that includes health food stores, the charge and the micro-clustered properties will only last about 48 hours in a bottle. To get the full benefits of the kangen water you have to have a medical device that came from Japan, it hooks right up to your kitchen sink, takes the tap water and converts it to restructured negative alkaline water.

Something to think about how much water do you and your family drink per day, I hope it is 10 to 12 glasses per day, if you are that is great, the only problem is you are not hydrating yourself with healthy water, you are drinking water that is acidic to the body.

The truth is your body is 75% water, your Brain is 80% water, and your blood is 95% water and it is all acidic water. If you have a fish bowl and you do not change the water in the fish bowl what will happen to the fish, of course they will die. Your body is the fish bowl if you do not change the water in your body daily with good water you also will die.

Change your Water Change your Life the choice is yours I hope you make the right choice.


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