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Truth about store bought alkaline water

April 1, 2014

micro clustered waterproduct_sd501

We need to put this to rest about buying true micro-clustered alkaline water in health food stores. The truth is, any water you buy in a plastic bottle no matter what it says is poison. During one of my classes, I demonstrated this very issue to my audience. I went to a health food store bought a bottle of water that said 8.0 negative charge alkaline water, before we go any further you need to understand that the best water in the world has three important properties, -ORP (Electrical charge) alkalinity, micro-clustered, if any of these are missing you DO NOT have restructured negatively charge micro-clustered alkaline water.

Also, realize that to get the negative charge so the water molecules are micro-clustered you have to have the right minerals in the water such as Calcium, Potassium, magnesium and sodium. This is the kicker; man has found a way to fool you in thinking that this so-called store bought bottle water has a charge to it by putting two concentrated man made minerals in the water they use reverse osmosis water (dead water) what this means, water with no minerals in it, the two minerals they put in are synthetic magnesium and potassium, when you test this water with a ORP meter it will have a negative charge to it, but it is a false reading, this is why, these are the only two minerals in the so called perfect water. First of all or body does not recognize synthetic minerals as being good for us so it will not utilize it, secondly, the charge is chemically induced and you have to have all the minerals to be micro-clustered.

How did I prove that the so-called negatively charged 8.0 alkaline water was not micro-clustered even though when I put my ORP meter in the water it showed as -450 charge, I am glade you asked that question?

Remember what I said before, you have to have all three properties to be the best water in the world, -ORP (true restructured alkaline water has to be electrically induced not chemically induced) alkalinity, micro-clustered.

Here we go; I did the tea bag demo to prove that chemically induced water that does have a negative charge to it was not micro-clustered. Aim sure must of you have made tea before, you do that by using hot water and then put the tea bag in and there you go you have tea right, the way I am going to make tea is with room temperature water, I put the tea bag in a clear class I then take the so called 8.0 negative charge alkaline store bought water that you pay big bucks for and then pour it in the class, I wait, I wait, I wait and I wait, nothing happens, no tea, remember I am doing this in front of a class.

So then, I will take the tea bag put it in the other clear class pour 9.5 kangen water in, and instantly we have made tea. I just proved that chemically induced alkaline water is not micro-clustered. Besides this, we did a pH test on the water, it did not come out to be 8.0 alkalinity it was neutral, around 7.0. Most likely, that water has been setting in the plastic bottles for months leaching the toxic chemicals out of the plastic, you are buying a bottle of poison, you can not buy the best water in the world at a store, the water will lose its charge in about 2-3 days, you always have to have fresh water. The next time you go to a health food store and you reach for a bottle that says 9.5 alkaline water you might want to think twice. The best water you can drink comes out of a medical device that hooks up to your kitchen facet you can make as much water as you want for pennies. Go to you can see the tea bag test there.


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