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Energy Drinks have now been link to causing Death

March 21, 2014



Energy drinks have now been linked to causing Death

This article needs to be read by all parents for that matter even adults who are drinking these energy drinks.

I was at the store the other day and saw a man buying cases of monster drinks, no water in his cart his face was beat red and he was way over weight, he was out of breath just putting the cases on the check stand.

People come on, these drinks can cause death, they are poison to the body, highly acidic to the body, dangerously elevates the heart rate, if you are training hard and drinking these drinks it could cause a heart attack. Look at all the young athletes in the past couple of years who have died on the basketball court or football field, they were all linked to drinking energy drinks.

Just because you think you are in good shape nothing will happen to you, you are dead wrong what about those boys who were athletes and died on the court and fields, they were in great shape, you are not immune to it.

If you blow this off and you keep drinking these drinks do not worry you will get some type of medical issue eventually.

You parents who let your kids drink these drinks if something happens to your child it will be on your shoulders, to much research shows how dangerous energy drinks are. Some countries are trying to ban it, not the United States too much money involved.

What is really sad not even the most powerful, healthiest water in the world(alkalize water) can help you if you are drinking energy drinks.

Why are people so bull headed, all the research out there and people like us trying to educate you on health and what is true and not true, and you think we are the ones that are crazy, what if we are right.

A 14-year-old Maryland girl, Anais Fournier, died of a heart attack from caffeine toxicity after drinking just two cans of Monster energy drinks, and her parents are suing the company. As a result, the FDA is investigating that death and four others the agency believes may be linked to Monster drinks.

The amount of caffeine in energy drinks is hard to pin down, because many are marketed as supplements, rather than as foods, allowing them to wiggle around FDA regulations and labeling laws. The FDA does not allow soda to have more than 0.02 percent caffeine, but energy drinks aren’t subject to this limit.

A 24-ounce can of Monster Energy Drink supposedly has 240 mg of caffeine, approximately equivalent to seven cups of coffee. But health experts have voiced concerns about energy drinks over the past few years, saying the caffeine content can be as high as 550 mg.

Health experts have been trying to get our attention about the issue of energy drink consumption by kids for some time. In 2011, the Journal of Pediatrics published a scary report titled “Health Effects of Energy Drinks on Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults” warning that the consequences included “palpitations, seizures, strokes, and even sudden death.” The authors also specifically warned parents that the drinks could be dangerous for kids with heart problems, diabetes, or ADHD.

This isn’t just an American problem; in fact we may be behind the eight ball in documenting the issue. The Medical Journal of Australia recently published a study recording 297 reported incidents of caffeine reactions from energy drinks. The median age of those affected: 17.

In other countries, various movements are afoot to change the way energy drinks are marketed and sold. In Canada, the drinks were recently reclassified as food, and thus are subject to regulation by Health Canada. Meanwhile, Mexico is working to ban the sales of energy drinks to those under 18. It will be interesting to see if there’s any movement in either of these directions here in the U.S.

Want to know the truth about the water you are drinking and energy drinks watch this short video it might just save your life or a family members life. Go to


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