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High Protein Diets and Dairy products causes’s Cancer

September 26, 2013

sick mad in hospital

High animal meat protein and dairy products causes’ cancer

Look at the picture is this how you want to end up.

Those of you that have been told the only way you are going to build muscle mass or lose body fat is to get on to a high protein diet low carbs diet,does your protein comes not just from animal meat protein but also comes from dairy product such as whey or casein.

After reading this and you still feel that it is the only way to go, you have just made the choice and you will pay for it later in life, you see cancer just does not happen over night it takes years to develop, so why is cancer so common? Moreover, why is the number one killer for kids 14 and under cancer?

Decades of research have shown high animal meat protein and all dairy products do cause cancer, Dr. Campbell and other researchers have been doing research on this for years. The question is why have we not been told this in the past and why have the new up and coming doctors been taught this. You have to look at who is financing the schools, and why would the meat industry and dairy industry want you to know about this.

Lets talk about casein, which makes up 87% of cow’s milk protein. This is bad, did you know that casein milk protein was used to initiate cancer in rats and it only took a few weeks for cancer to develop. Rats given more protein then their bodies could use also developed cancer.

Researchers also discovered that they could take plant base protein, have the rats eat as much as they wanted and still not develop cancer.

This is cool, researchers also discovered that they could take plant base protein give it to a rat that was given casein protein to initiate cancer and stop the growth and reverse the cancer. In other words, researchers were able to start cancer and stop cancer, to me this is amazing.

Therefore, the next logical question I had was whether plant protein, tested in the same way, has the same effect on cancer promotion as casein. The answer is “NO”. In the experiments, plant protein did not promote cancer growth, even at higher levels of intake.

This is interesting Gluten, the protein of wheat, did not produce the same results as casein, even when fed at a higher level. You see Gluten is not bad for you in its natural form it is a good source of protein, when it is processes that is when it goes bad.

Animals switched from a high-protein to a low-protein diet had significantly less tumor growth. Animal switched from a low-protein diet to a high-protein diet had growing cancer tumors. Nutritional manipulation can turn cancer “on” and “off”.

Researchers say let there be no doubt: cow’s milk protein is an exceptionally potent cancer promoter, casien by far is the worse.

At the University of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago, another research group was working with breast cancer. This research showed that increasing intakes of casein promoted the development of breast cancer.

You and your family need to stop eating all dairy products that means all. If someone in your family has cancer or some type of major disease they need to got off all dairy products, all refine sugars and lessen there animal meat protein, go to 85% plant base diet 15% animal meat protein if you must, but get off all dairy. To help flush out the toxic chemicals in your body from eating animal base food you must drink alkalize water no other water will work?

Educate yourselves read this book The China Study.


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