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Garbage in your Cells causes Diseases in your Body

September 17, 2013

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A cell with lots of garbage in it creates diseases (your body is most likely acidic)

Most Americans and young kids are in this state. Dr. Shinya one of the top doctors in the world wrote a book that says dehydration and poor eating habits will cause degenerative diseases.

He says some people find it hard to fully comprehend how garbage inside our cells triggers poor physical health and even disease. Most of such garbage is useless, defective protein. How does protein debris come to be floating around in the cells?

The nutrients we get from foods are digested and absorbed in our intestines and carried to all the cells through our blood, the transport system for this is water, you have to be drinking the right water. Protein is one of these nutrients. Food is broken down into amino acids in the small intestine and then new proteins are synthesized in the cells. A considerable amount of waste- defective protein- is, quite naturally, produced during this process of synthesizing proteins. A diet comprised mostly of animal-based foods, such as meat, milk, and other dairy products, generate a lot of defective protein or garbage. We are all carrying around in our cells a large amount of this garbage that has not been fully degraded, the type of water you are drinking plays a very big part in flushing out the garbage out of your cell daily. As we age, this waste builds up and, like in any city dump, accumulating garbage becomes toxic. This is one reason why the American people are one of the sickest countries in the world, is their body are so full of garbage.

In order to understand the problem of such garbage in our cells, it helps to consider the garbage in our intestines. Generally, we call it constipation when foods we eat are not digested and eliminated fully. When constipation is a chronic state, various toxic substances are generated from the accumulation of feces in the colon, creating a foul smell. If constipation continues, the intestinal environment will deteriorate, causing abdominal bloating and discomfort in elimination.

If untreated, constipation may cause inflammation of the intestine, diverticulitis, polyps, or, worse, colon cancer. If you are not eliminating at least 1 to 2 times a day there is a good chance, no I am going to say you are dehydrated and the water you have been drinking is acidic to your body. Understand the colon is a lunch wagon for diseases because it is full of garbage. By changing the type of water you are drinking you and your family have a better chance of not getting some type of degenerative disease later in life, it is your choice.

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Bill Emily Mabry
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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