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Alkalized and alkaline water you must know the difference

September 10, 2013

micro clustered water

Alkalized and alkaline water you must know the difference

In the last few weeks and in or bi-weekly class we have had people tell us that they are drinking alkaline water by p isutting alkaline drops in their water, is that the same thing.

The answer is a “big” NO. You have to understand that not all alkaline waters are the same. I have said this many times, even in our class. There are 2 types of alkaline water they are alkaline water which are chemically induced and then there is the best water, alkalized water which have been electrically induced.

So what does that mean? First of all true alkalized water has three properties to them, -ORP, Alkalinity, Micro clustering you have to have all three to have the best water in the world.

Alkaline water has synthetic minerals in the water (minerals that are put into the water by drops or powder) plus it has no negative charge to it, that means its not micro-clustered, molecules are to big to hydrate the cell and it is not able to flush out all the acid build up in your cells.

Alkalized water has all three properties, negative charge, Alkalinity, micro-clustered. In addition, it has the ability to flush out the acid build up in your 75 trillion cells to but your body in a slight alkaline environment for better health. Alkalized water has ionic minerals that are bonded to each OH- ion this is very important, this makes one of the best sources of antioxidents you can put in your body for a healthy immune system.

How do you prove this? simple, test your alkaline water with a ORP meter that will measure the water for either a negative charge or a positive charge and if it reads a positive charge it is acidic to your body in other words you are poisoning your self slowly the other word for it is aging.

You have to drink the right water and you have to know that all waters are not the same.


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