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Doctor Please Tell Me the Truth About Chemo and the Health Risk

September 1, 2013

first day of med school

Why in the world would you take the advice from a medical doctor about nutrition after reading this. We have seen this happen over and over, just by changing the type of water they were drinking their blood test improved or their sugar levels drop to normal if they were a diabetic. They told the Doctor what they have done; the Doctor comes back and says, that alternative stuff does not work, really. But yet the blood test showed a change, where the medication did nothing, or how about a chart that shows there kidney number showed 2.8, they changed the type of water they were drinking and their numbers started to drop, those blood test and charts don’t lie. By changing the type of water, you are drinking a long with an 80% plant base diet miracles can happen, you give the body the right tools it will heal itself without the help of drugs. It is all about changing the pH of your body acid/alkaline imbalance.

The medical status quo relies heavily on medication and surgery, at the exclusion of nutrition and lifestyle. Doctors have virtually no training in nutrition and how it relates to health. In 1985, the United States National Research Council funded an expert panel report that investigated the quantity and quality of nutrition education in U.S. medical schools. Te committee’s finding was clear: “The committee concluded that nutrition education program in U.S. medical schools are largely inadequate to meet the present and future demands of the medical profession.” However, this finding was nothing new. The committee noted that in 1961 the “American Medical Association Council on foods and Nutrition report that nutrition in the U.S. medical schools received inadequate recognition, support and attention.” In other words, over forty years ago, the Doctors themselves said that their nutrition training was inadequate. Nothing had changed by 1985, and up to the present time, articles continue to be written documenting the lack of nutrition training in med schools.

This situation is dangerous. It gets even worse! When nutrition education is provided in relation to public health problems, guess who is supplying the “educational” material? The Dannon Institute, Egg Nutrition Board, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, National Dairy Council, Nestle Clinical Nutrition, Yeth-Ayerst Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Company, Baxter Healthcare Corporation and others to produce a Nutrition in Medicine program and the Medical Nutrition Curriculum Initiative. Do you think that this all-star team of animal foods and drug industries representatives is going to objectively judge and promote optimal nutrition, which science has shown that by changing the type of water you are drinking and eat a whole food, plant-based diet that minimizes the needs for drugs? On the other hand, might they try to protect the meat-centered, Western diet where everyone expects to pop a pill for every sickness?

There is some good news. There are a hand full Doctors trying to change this, but it will take time. We pay a high price for allowing these medical biases. A recent study found that one in five new drug will either get a “black box warning,” indicating a previously unknown serious adverse reaction that may result in death or serious injury, or will be withdrawn from the market within twenty-five years. Twenty percent of all new drugs have serious unknown side effects, and more than 1,000,000 Americans die every year from correctly taking their properly prescribed medication. This is one of the leading causes of death in America.

Decades of research has shown that by changing the pH of your body by changing the water you drink and eat whole foods, plant-based will reverse degenerative disease. Drugs will not, they just add more acid to the body.
Those of you that are on chemo, ask your doctor to tell you the truth about how bad chemo is for the human body, and what are the chances of chemo actually killing the cancer forever, or what are the chances of the cancer killing you first. It is a known fact that chemo will destroy your immune system, and your immune system was given to you by god to destroy diseases.


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