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Water for the Brain the Crippling Results of Dehydration

August 7, 2013

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Water for the Brain the Crippling Results of Dehydration

Psychiatric illnesses such as Alzheimer’s Disease are a sure sign of a lifetime of chronic dehydration. Every time you take a sip of water, it is dedicated to hydration the brain and surrounding cranial fluids first, then to the rest of the body ( 80% of the brain is water). When it is sufficiently hydrated, it functions closer to its capacity. When we fail to drink enough water over a lifetime, toxins begin to interfere with the brain’s delicate neuro chemical balance. Once a single chemical reaction in the brain is significantly altered, the resulting ripple effect will be felt throughout the brain. This makes sense, kids with ADD, ADHD, learning disorders in school, attention span with kids in school and of course Autism is on the rise, look at what our kids are drinking to hydrate the little bodies with, sodas, sports drinks, tap water, bottle water. The accumulation of these events can lead to brain diseases and imbalances of all kinds, including clinical depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Lewy body disease and other dementia-related diseases. Reversing these psychiatric conditions is not easy, but can be done by following a strict 100% diet of raw foods, and drinking 1-2 gallons of ionized alkaline water each day, it has to be the right water the other waters will not work they do not have all three properties that ionized alkaline water has, that gives it the ability to penetrate the cells walls at the cellular level, and hydrate the 75 trillion cells.

However, people who suffer from dementia are often so disconnected from reality that getting them to actually change their diet and drink that much water would almost be an impossible task.

Doctors often misdiagnose patients because dehydration of the organs results in symptoms that mislead the average medical professional who is not trained to recognized dehydration or the importance of water to the human body. In, fact water is barely mentioned in medical school. This I do not understand, we as human cannot live without water, the blood is 95% water, and your brain is 80% water, every organ needs water to operate sufficiently. So, why is it not looked at more seriously.

If people were to simply drink enough ionized alkaline water and keep their bodies properly hydrated , 60-80% of the chronic diseases in our society would be seriously abated if not completely absent. When it comes to health there is no substitute for drinking sufficient amounts of ionized alkaline water each day. The water is not what heals the diseases it is tool for the body to heal itself, remember not all waters are the same.

“Sometimes too much to drink is barely enough” Mark twain


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