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The Truth about why you are aging

July 15, 2013


The Truth about why you are aging

It is sad to see that most people do not see how important water is for their health and their children’s health. The missing link to real health is the right kind of water and that is hexagonal alkaline water. Until more doctors understand the molecular structure of water and the adults open, their eyes and do there own investigation this countries health will continue to decline and the hospital will get richer, the third highest killer for American people in this county is hospital and doctors mistakes.

Do not be one of those mistakes.

The best water you can possibly drink is hexagonal alkaline water, you heard me say this before you have to have all three properties of hexagonal alkaline water to be the best water, if one of these three properties is missing you are drinking poison, in other words you are slowly killing yourself.

So many people are concerned about aging but they do not investigate the root of aging so, what do they do, go under the knife this is only a temporally fix. By doing the knife, way you are adding more stress to the body, which is causing you to age from the inside much faster.

The root of the problem is, you are dehydrated. Think of a grape fill of water, now what happens to that grape when you take the water out, it is a raisin, the same thing happens to your body as you age.

If you really want to slow aging down or reverse it, you have to start by working on the inside of the body. One way of doing that is drinking hexagonal alkaline water that is full of antioxidants (anti-aging).

This will explain how

All liquids have an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), or potential to reduce oxidation aging, which is measured by mill voltage (mv) you measure the mv by a quantified ometer or frequency meter.

It is said that water has memory, meaning that it always retains the same ORP unless an external force such as distillation, ionization or other reactive forces change it. The ORP of the water is what water “remembers” because ORP determines the size and shape of water molecular clusters, as well as its surface tension. Normal tap water, bottle water, sports drinks has an ORP of +250 to + 450 mv. Its potential for reducing oxidation or aging is nonexistent because its ORP is above zero. Any number over zero indicates that the potential for increased oxidation is present, you are drinking free radicals that are aging the inside of you body, goggle free radical damage, and in other words, you are slowly killing yourself. The higher the negative ORP, the more oxidation potential the substance possesses.

One of the most important properties of hexagonal alkaline water is it has a –ORP (OH- ion electrical charge) that can reduce, or negate, oxidation (rusting or aging). Strong hexagonal alkaline water has an ORP OF -50 mv to -450 mv, depending on the source water and how many minerals it contains. The more minerals in the source water, the stronger the hexagonal alkaline water will be produced. This low negative number means that the water has a very high potential for reducing oxidation (rusting, aging). A beverage that has an ORP of -350 mv is healthier to consume than -150 mv because it negates oxidation of the body more effectively. Therefore, the lower the ORP of the water, the greater potential it has to reverse the aging process of the body at the cellular level.

Fresh squeezed raw orange juice has an ORP of about -250mv. All fresh squeezed vegetables and fruit juices have a negative ORP, some lower then others. There, they are considered antioxidants because they reduce the potential for oxidation aging in the body. However, if these juices are heated above 118 f, pasteurized or otherwise processed, the negative ORP antioxidant property is destroyed. In fact, all its rejuvenation properties have been removed and now the food has been transformed into mere sustenance that provides the body with calories, almost no nutrition and helps to acidify the body. Live Enzymes must be present in a food for it to truly be considered a rejuvenating substance (antioxidant).

Beware, of any supplement companies saying that their juices or pills are full of antioxidants, just from what you have read above, they are wrong do not waste your money.

The principle is true for hexagonal alkaline water. If it is heated, it will quickly lose its negative charge because the fragile, fleeting electrons will be destroyed.

A substance become oxidized, their ORP rises. Oxidation means to react with oxygen. Rust is metal that has been oxidized, which is an example of slow oxidation. Fire is an example of fast oxidation. In human body, oxidation and aging is caused in part, by free radical damage. Any time we put a substance in the body that has a positive charge (free radicals), tap water, bottle water, sodas, sports drinks, we increase the oxidation of the body and therefore accelerate the aging process. As we age, our body’s ORP continually rises above zero. The pace at which our body oxidizes is directly related to our diet and the other substances we put in to it. Our immediate environment also contributes to the oxidation of the body. Genetics does not determine the rate of oxidation of the body.

You have to slow the aging process down from the inside out by doing that you also will slow aging on the out side, besides it is much cheaper to drink water.


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