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Are you Acidic (SICK) or are you Alkaline (healthy)

July 13, 2013


Are you Acidic (SICK) or are you Alkaline (healthy)

We all understand that water is the essence of life. It is the most important substance we can put into our body. Without water your body cannot function, the electric impulses in your brain that helps you think will not work properly.

If 75% of your body is water, and 80% of your brain is water, 95% of your blood is water, it sounds like water is important, and the truth is water is the last thing people think about. Not only is water important but the type of water you are putting in your body is more important.

Most American do not realize that not all waters are the same. All plastic bottle water, tap water, RO water, distilled water, soft waters, and most well waters are contaminated with toxic chemicals of some type and besides these waters are all acidic to the body.

Research shows that an acidic body breeds degenerative diseases. Think about this, if all you are drinking is acidic fluids like, sodas, sports drinks, bottle water, tap water, most well waters,and you are eating processed foods, the air you breathe and every day stress, you are dumping major chemicals in your body, highly acidic. What if this is why the American people are so sick. Decades of research proves that you have to have a way to flush out acid build up in your body daily. How do you do this? By drinking the best water in the world, hexagonal alkaline water.

Hexagonal alkaline water has three major properties that make it the best water, the key is you have to have all three, if just one is missing it is acidic to the body. They are:
-OPR each water molecule has a negative charge (OH-)
Alkalinity 9.5+
Micro-cluster, water molecules in clusters of 3-5. All other waters are in clusters 25-100 water molecules only 17% of the water will penetrate the cell wall to hydrate the cell at the cellular level.

There is a very simple test you can do to check the pH of the water you are drinking. The pH of the water will show you what water is acidic to the body and which water has the most oxygen ( in it for your health.

The proof is in the picture above, hexagonal alkaline water has a purple color to it. I have had people bring me water that they bought from a health food store that says on the bottle 9.5 alkaline water and when you do the pH test it may show as being blue on the pH scale, think about this what type of chemical did they put in there to make it a higher alkaline. I also will take my ORP meter which will measure the electrical charge in the water called ml volts, it will have a positive charge very acidic to the body, remember you have to have all three properties to be the best water in the world, that is why you can not bottle hexagonal alkaline water you have to drink it fresh.

My question to you? What if this is true and you did not look into alkalize water for the health of your family. What chance does someone in your family have of getting some type of disease? Static shows that one out of three people in a group will get cancer.

The picture above shows you the pH scale.

Watch this short video, learn the truth about the water you are drinking.

What if?


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