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July 7, 2013

ph chart good one

The pH of your body determines Life or Death

Most people have no idea about the importance of maintaining a balanced pH level in the body. The pH level of the blood is the most vital and sensitive in humans. Balanced blood pH is 7.365(alkaline) with a very slight margin for change in either direction. A major imbalance of the blood’s pH can lead to severe problems, including, in the most extreme cases, death.

Since the pH level of the blood is so vital, when pH values adjust to dangerous levels the body will “steal” pH rich minerals from other less important parts in order to keep the blood balanced. In essence, your body will steal from itself, which is basically killing you slowly, to prevent you from dying immediately.

If this happens, the body goes into survival mode, just trying to stay alive, which weakens natural defenses. The body starts using so much energy and resources for basic functions, that the entire system becomes susceptible to disease and degeneration. Unfortunately, the lifestyle choices of most Americans put them in an acidic state of being, known as acidosis.

What really bothers me is few medical doctors understand alkaline/acid imbalance and how important the pH balance is for the body. Ignorants, can be very dangerous when it comes to your health. Those doctors that do know how important the pH balance of the body is for your health and try to educate people about it, are looked down upon and may get their medical license taken away.

Wouldn’t make since to flood your body with the best source of alkaline, like hexagonal alkaline water and eating a more alkaline diet to help the body to fight off diseases. Besides hexagonal alkaline water is the best source to get antioxidants. For every class of hexagonal alkaline water you are drinking you are putting into your body millions of antioxidants. You cannot eat enough alkaline foods like veggies and fruits to match that.

Why are diseases still on the rise in America, why are kids 14 and under getting cancer, why are so many kids getting diabetes at such a young age. The American diet is acidic to the body, acid/alkaline imbalance, so why don’t they teach this in medical school.

As a parent you need to educate yourself for your children’s health, no one else will teach them. They will grow up thinking the only way to heal a disease is by taking some type of medical drug and so far how is that working.


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