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Restructured Ionized Alkaline Water is known to help Reverse Aging

June 30, 2013

University of Michigan food Pyramid

Restructured Ionized Alkaline Water is known to help Reverse Aging

There is considerable evidence that rejuvenation may be as simple as re-hydration. However, it cannot be just any water.

Water is a nutrient-ultimately more important than other nutrients since without water even the best vitamins and minerals cannot be absorbed or made available for cellular processes. The Healing Food Pyramid recently released by University of Michigan Integrative Medicine Clinical Services depicts water at the bottom of the food pyramid acknowledging it as the foundational “food” for health.

Life has evolved around water. The very fact that we are mostly water is evidence of the sophisticated relationship between water and biological systems. Water is involved in every biological function and plays a significant role in aging.


In 1986, at a symposium on cancer, Dr. Mu Shik Jhon proposed an entirely new theory for aging. His theory, which he called the Molecular Water Environment Theory, states the following:

Aging is a loss of hexagonal water (restructured alkaline water) from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water.

Pioneering research is confirming that water is not simply water- no matter how pure. Our scientific development is finally allowing us to explore unique- the qualities that give water “life” and “energy.” One of these qualities is its “structure” Hungarian biochemist and Nobel Prize recipient (1937) Albert von Szent-Gyorgi.

The structure of the water is more important then the chemical compound. And the reason for that, Hexagonal restructured alkaline water (OH-) are in small clusters of 3-6 molecules, that gives it the ability to penetrate the cell walls more efficiently to hydrate your 75 trillion cells at the cellular level and to flush out your acidic cells on a daily bases. Each OH- water molecule has a negative charge to it and that give it the ability to absorb into the system as soon as it touches your lips, it does not have to go threw the digestive process first like tap water and bottle water.

All tap water, bottle water, and most wells have a positive charge to the water molecule and that makes it acidic for the body, they are in clusters of 20-50, you are lucky if you get 17% of these type of water into your cell, the rest goes out the door. That is why we have a major dehydration problem here in the United States. The root of all diseases is chronic acidosis; the root to chronic acidosis is chronic dehydration. You want to solve most of the diseases here in the United States, hydrate yourself with hexagonal restructured alkaline water.

Oh by the way, there are a few countries left in the world that has hexagonal restructured alkaline water, if you have a well chances are yours is not one of them.

Since the proposal of the above theory, the role of water in aging has been the subject of much research. One scientist, Dr. Seiji Katayama, used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to test the hypothesis that aging is related to structural changes in intracellular water. In his study, the structure of the cell water components of four generations within the same genetic family was analyzed. He concluded that age was, in fact, related to structural changes in the water surrounding biological macromolecules, and he suggested, “The state of the water in the body was closely related to aging mechanism.”

Today there is considerable evidence that rejuvenation may be as simple as re-hydration. According to Dr. Mu Shik Jhon’s theory, “replenishing the hexagonal restructured alkaline water in our bodies can increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent diseases. “ On a cellular level.”

It is as simple as changing the type of water you are drinking, if you are looking for the fountain of youth.


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