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Dehydration is far too common, given how preventable it is.

June 20, 2013


Dehydration is far too common, given how preventable it is.

Dehydration occurs when we put out more water than we take in.

This happens often in the summer when we are spending more time on outdoor activities. With clean, healthy, great tasting Kangen Water® you can enjoy staying properly hydrated all summer.

We lose water through our breath, sweat, and urine throughout the day. Sweating is our body’s natural cooling mechanism but when we fail to replace the water lost through sweating, our body cannot perform at optimal level. This is why it is important to be very attentive to your water intake levels during hot summer months.
By the time you feel thirsty you may be already dehydrated. It is important to be aware of the early signs of dehydration, such as:

Dry, sticky mouth
Feeling lightheaded
Producing less urine or dark urine
Lack of energy or alertness
The best plan is Pre-Hydration!

Dehydration occurs over time so prevent it altogether by drinking plenty of good, clean water throughout the day. If you know you will be playing in the sun or exercising more than usual, plan accordingly and bring extra Kangen Water®.

Do you hate the idea of buying bottled water or drinking tap water from public fountains? If you freeze a few reusable water containers with Kangen Water® you’ll be sure to have nice, cool, refreshing water by the end of your day. (Remember not to fill your bottle too high – water expands when frozen.) You could also make your own ice cubes by mixing Kangen Water® and fruit juice!
Bringing along extra bottles prevents unnecessary contaminants or pollutants often present in bottled and tap water, from entering your body. It is also a great way to share Kangen Water® with your friends and family!


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