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June 4, 2013

alkaline water drop

How important is water to sustain our lives?

Why is it when every somebody talks about getting them selves healthy it is always about food? If I change the way I eat I will lose weight and be much healthier. Therefore, what do they do, they go done and buy books on how to eat healthy.

What if you were to change the type of water you are drinking, what impact would that have on your body being healthy. Very few people talk about how important proper hydration is with the right water.

The solvent of our body is what? Water, our blood is 95% water, our body is 75% water and our brain is 80% water and we can not forget about the kidneys being 82% water, this organ is very important in regulating the pH of our body (acid alkaline imbalance).

With all that being said then why, do not, people talk more about water. Chronic dehydration is the root to chronic acidosis, and chronic acidosis is the root to degenerative diseases and the American people are chronically dehydrated, how much water do you drink per day. Coffee, juices, sodas, sports drinks do not count for drinking water.

The Mayo clinic stated, you need to drink 10-12 glasses of water just to sustain life, are you doing that, what about your kids. If you exercise or are very active, you need more water.

The problem is Doctors and sport trainers just are not educated enough about ionized alkaline water or any water for that matter that is why you do not here much about hydration. Even if you are drinking a lot of water, are you drinking the right water?

Something to remember, the structure of the water is more important then the chemical compound. Ask your doctor or trainer to explain that to you and see, what he or she says?

As a trainer, we old timers know how important the pH of body is for recover and over all health to fight off diseases.

Chronic dehydration is one of the causes of obesity and why you are having a hard time losing weight. Your body is so acidic it is protecting itself by body fat, asks your doctor or trainer explain that to you.

Not all water is the same and not all alkaline waters are the same.

How long can you live with out water vs. how long can you live with out eating, I am sure most of us knows the answer to that. I rest my case.


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