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The Plain Truth about Cancer

May 23, 2013


The Plain Truth about Cancer

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Cause of cancer and the cure of cancer has been known decades ago, and yet the American people have not been told about it.

Dr. Otto Warburg won a noble prize in 1931 for discovering the cause of cancer and also found a way to cure cancer, he has not been proven wrong yet.

Are they teaching this to our up and coming doctors, no way.

Could the cure of cancer be as simple as changing the pH of your body to more of an alkaline environment just by changing the type of water you drink to eating more of a plant base diet. It is that simple.

A Two Trillion Dollar Money Machine

Progressive Medical Centers believes it is time to expose the lies that are being foisted off on Americans about cancer.

President Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971; America has already spent over two trillion dollars on toxic drug treatments and worthless drug research. Those facts are there for the reading. The website also points out that one trillion dollars has been spent in the past ten years alone. So why aren’t we seeing phenomenal progress coming from such a huge money machine?

Here in Temecula we are always seeing 5k runs cure for cancer, pink ribbon day, we need more money for cancer research. Think about this, more money for what? Cancer and most degenerative diseases are on the rise, the number one killer of kids 14 and under is cancer. The cure for cancer was discovered decades ago but still, the western Doctors do not see it, why? Because it is all about money

Cancer can not live in alkaline environment, cancer lives in an oxygen deprived cell(acidic). Dr. Otto Warburge 1931.

Dr. Robert H Sorge, ND., Ph.D Doctor of Nauropathic Medicine since 1964, states in his recent article, “Warning: What Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know Before Starting Chemotherapy,” “At the turn of the last century in 1900, less than 1% of the population got cancer. As more toxic drugs and junk foods were added to our lives, cancer slowly increased to 20% of our population.

“Cancer rates have now skyrocketed to affect 42% of our nation and that is on the rise. If you are in a room with a group of people look around 1 out of three may get cancer sometime in their life. It is estimated that more than fifty out of eery 100 person will soon be in danger of contracting the deadly disease, as of today we have already past that.

Figures CAN Lie

Orthodox medicine and the pharmaceutical industry have manipulated statistics to create tha appearance of progress, while continually tapping into the wallets of cancer patients who blindly follow their doctors’ Orders.

When the doctor tells a patient he or she has a 95% chance of surviving cancer, that doesn’t refer to how long that person will live.

In 1951, Dr.Sydney Farber, Professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School, charted 238 patients and reported in the Medical Journal, “response rates”. Unfortunately, only 19 of the 238 survived. Does that sound like progress?

Chemotherapy or Radiation Are Usually Prescribed states, “The majority of cancer research money-about 99%-goes to pay for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer (chemo, radiation, drugs). While less than 1% goes to prevention. The health industry spends millions of dollars advertising to convince us that they are on our side, working to “cure” cancer.”

Dr. E Clarence Rice, Director of Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C., asks, “Does it make sense to take a sick, debilitated person and saturate them with one of the most toxic substances known to medicine and expect them to get better?” Few ask, “What are the alternatives.”

What more do you need to read then what was said in the comment by Dr. Rice.

Ask your doctor this question, if you had cancer would you do chemo; ask him to tell you the truth. If he says yes, he is lying. There was a report out their asking doctors that questions, the percentage of no’s were very high.

Change the type of water you are drinking and go to a whole food plant base diet toxin free, you will have a better chance of not getting some type of degenerative disease later in life.

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Bill & Emily Mabry
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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