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Ionized Alkaline Water vs. High Blood Pressure.

May 14, 2013

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Ionized Alkaline Water vs. High Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure

Your blood is your body’s transport system. It carries both nutrients and oxygen to the tissues of your body. It also carries waste products away from the tissues
and helps maintain body temperature. To do these things, your blood must circulate continuously. If you are dehydrated your blood is thicker, what this means is your heart has to work harder to push that thick blood around, your blood is 95% water. If your blood is too thick it cannot circulate properly you will become acidic. Remember, degenerative diseases start in an acidic environment.
Acidification of the body starts in the blood. As mentioned before, the blood performs a balancing acts in order to maintain the blood pH within the safe range of 7.3 to 7.45. The blood has a buffer pool of sodium bicarbonate made to neutralize strong acid compounds coming out of the cells as waste products of metabolism. When this buffer level is too low, acidosis is developed.
Acidosis and high blood pressure

Dr. Kancho Kuninaka, one of the pioneers of the ionized alkaline water treatment in Japan, states that virtually without exception, the patients with high blood pressure have an acidosis condition. He has many successful clinical cases where the acid free high pH ionized alkaline water lowered blood pressure.

There are several plausible explanations for this phenomenon. Since the higher pH blood contains excess oxygen, the heart does not have to work as hard. Another factor may be that the viscosity of higher pH blood is low so that the heart does not need to pump as hard. A further reason may be that the calcium ions ( ionic minerals) in ionized alkaline water may be dissolving plaque and cholesterol build-up in the artery walls, thus opening up the passage.
You need to understand how important the structure of the water molecule is at the cellular level. Bottle water, tap water, sodas, sports drinks molecules are in large clusters from 30-100, the cell will not recognized this as water, the water will then go around the cell and out the door.

Ionized alkaline water is in small clusters of 3-5 molecules, the cell then will recognize this as water, and the cell will then absorb the water molecules and hydrate the blood, causing the blood to be thinner, lowering your blood pressure. You see the structure of the water is more important then the chemical compound.
Be sides thinning the blood you are also flushing out the acidic build up in your cells, which also cause high blood pressure. You cannot do that with bottle water or tap water.
The medications the doctors give you to thin your blood has major side affects, ionized alkaline water has no side affects, it’s your choice.

Doctors know that if you take several deep breaths right before the blood pressure measurement, you can get a lower reading. You have temporarily elevated the pH of the blood by breathing out more CO2 and by breathing in more O2. If you can lower your blood pressure by using this trick, your blood pressure is caused by the first two reasons in the above paragraph and you should be able to lower your blood pressure within a few months of drinking the alkaline water.


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  1. I have been a drinking Alkaline water
    ph 9.5 for over 25 years.
    I ‘m 70 years old woman that truly
    works for me. I am knowing more
    about our ph balance is the KEY to
    staying healthy.

    • thanks for your response you are one of the few who has a chance to live in this toxic environment, it is our job to spread the word so other families will also have a chance.

  2. Lois Cox permalink

    OK….please help The information on one website says if taking meds for high blood pressure, oe should not consume alkaline water? But other websites says alkaline water helps reduce blood pressure….please clarify is alkaline water safe for persons with high blood pressure who are taking anti-hypertensive meds?

    • Good Morning Lois, actually there is some truth to the web sites that say you should not drink alkaline water if you have blood pressure or kidney issues, and heart issues, this is why? not all alkaline waters are the same, the ones you buy in the health foods stores that are in plastic bottles that say they are alkaline, all of them have added man made minerals to them to raise the pH of the water to be alkaline, the body does not like man made minerals the body see”s it as something bad and dumps it into the blood that is a major issue over time. The alkaline water I am referring to is alkalized water the scientific name for it is electrolyzed reduced water this water has active hydrogen you want to see what science says about it go to google scholar a medical journal site type in electrolyzed reduced water there is your proof on the benefits of hydrogen in your alkalized water also go to this shows you how bad your drinking water is, once you see this msg me at I can send you more info.

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