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We all have choices in life, you can either be sick or lead a healthy Life Style, it is your choice.

April 25, 2013

sick cartoon

We all have choices in life, you can either be sick or lead a healthy Life Style, it is your choice.

I’ve talked to so many people who say, “I may not live as long as you health nuts, but I sure am going to enjoy the time I have by eating steaks whenever I want, drink sodas, candies, or smoke if I so choose and doing anything else that I want.

For forty years, they are still trying to find the cure to cancer and other degenerative diseases. So far, they are still asking for more money for research and the medical drug companies are getting richer. Degenerative diseases are on the rise, whatever research they are doing just is not working. Do you think maybe if they looked back in history, see when bottle water, sports dinks, and sodas were introduced? In addition, when fast foods kicked off.

What is sad, the cure too many of these diseases was found decades ago and they just swiped it under the carpet. The bottom line is, if you do not take your health in your own hands and educate yourself, you and your family will most likely come down with some type of a degenerative disease if you think the government is going to help you.

The first place you have to look is changing the type of water you are drinking. If you are not drinking ionized alkaline water you are drinking highly acidic water with chemicals in daily, over time this will affect your health.

We all have choices in life I choose to change my families and mine by having an open mind. You can make the choice also.

The enjoyment of life, especially the second half of life, is greatly compromised if we cannot see, if we cannot think, if our kidneys do not work or if our bones are broken or fragile. I, for one, hope that I am able to fully enjoy not only the time in the present, but also the time in the future, with good health and independence. If this is what you want then it needs to start by changing the water you are drinking, most Americans are chronically dehydrated which is the root to chronic acidosis and this is when you develop some type of degenerative disease at the cellular level, it is your choice, keep doing what you are doing and possibly getting some type of disease or choose to change your water change your life.


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