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Ionized Alkaline Water vs. body fat

April 23, 2013


Why are people making it so difficult to lose weight, if you just look at the root of the problem then start there. What if it is as simple as just changing the type of water you are drinking wouldn’t you want to know about it.

(Cellulite) what is it? First according to recent statistics, 2/3 of our population is overweight. That is 135 million people. The current explanation why we gain weight is simple; we are using less energy then we consume, and besides the American diet and the type fluids, they are drinking.

An undetected acidosis is why many in our nation are over weight. Now, let us get back to cellulite. Cellulite is congested tissue where lymph flow (lymph system has no pump to move the fluid) and blood circulation has been slowed or stopped, remember blood is 95% water if you are dehydrated your blood will slow, Fluid, proteins, fats, and metabolic waste congest the tissue creating the dimpled appearance.

The only way to address the problem is to first balance your bodies PH by drinking the right water, ionized alkaline water because of the 3 important properties of this water it will hydrate the 75 trillion cells at the cellular level, bottle water, tap water sports drink will not do that and eating a more alkaline diet, by doing this you will increase lymph flow in the whole body. In other words, get off the couch and move, exercise. Another good way to move the fluid is lymph drainage therapy (massaging) this will open the congestion. This is an effective way to open circulation and reducing cellulite.

Because your body is, so acidic it stores the built up acid in fat cells like cellulite to protect the organs from the acid build up, if it did not do that, you would die from chronic acidosis. The bottom line is the body is protecting itself from over acidity.

Ionized alkaline water has the ability to flesh out the acid build up on a daily bases because the water molecules are micro-clustered, that is why it is able to detoxify the cell daily. This is the key to losing that cellulite (body fat) when the body realizes that you are cleaning the acid out of the cells daily the body then will metabolize the extra fat build up, it know longer needs to protect itself, you now have clean cells for better health. You always want to use the bodies own metabolism to lose weight, not some so called magic pill or juice if there was such a magic pill or some type of juice then all the American people would be in good shape, unfortunately that is not the case..


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