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Are You Utilizing Your Supplements With Ionized Alkaline Water

April 17, 2013

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Are You Utilizing your Supplements with Ionized Alkaline Water?

Vitamin supplements are not a panacea for good health. I seemed to always get asked this question, what do you think about supplements? In the past Emily and I have used supplements our cost per month could get up to $800.00 a month, did it work I think so? Now that I know how the digestive system works when it comes to utilizing the nutrients, I have a completely different outlook.

All foods all supplements have to have some type of transport system to get them into the 75 trillion cells and that is water. The problem is most people are drinking the wrong type of water; not all waters are the same and for 59 years I was drinking water that was highly acidic to my body, I was slowly poisoning my self and did not even know like most of you.

I’m not against supplements especially the ones that are good for you, they plays an important part in your health, but you have to have way to utilize them and get them into the cells, bottle water, tap water, sports drinks ,sodas will not work, it needs to be ionized alkaline water.

Nothing can take the place of whole foods, green plant base that includes fresh live fruits and veggies. Because nutrition operates as an infinitely complex biochemical system involving thousands of chemicals and thousands of affects on your health, it makes little or no sense that isolated nutrients taken as supplements can substitute for whole foods.

Supplements will not lead to long-lasting health and may cause unforeseen side affects. The dangers of a western diet cannot be overcome by consuming nutrient pills. Embracing supplements means the media can tell people what they want to hear and Doctors have something to offer their patients. As a result, a multibillion-dollar supplement industry is now part of our nutritional landscape.

Research was done on lung cancer for four to eight years using supplements, lung cancer had not decreased as expected; it had increased! The researchers, in their words, “ could not determine the balance of benefits and harms of routine use of supplements of vitamins A, C, or E; multivitamins with folic acid; or antioxidant combinations for the prevention of cancer or cardiovascular disease. It is not that these nutrients are not important. They are-but only when consumed as food, not as supplements. A recent special article in the New York Times, isolated nutrient supplements to maintain health, while consuming the usual Western diet, is not only a waste of money but is also potentially dangerous.

If you are taking supplements and you want utilize them efficiently you need a good transport system like ionized alkaline water.


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