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Detoxing with Ionized Alkaline Water Daily

April 12, 2013

Acid and alkaline ph chart

Detoxing with Ionized Alkaline Water Daily

How important is it for your body to be able to detoxify itself everyday and why detoxing once or twice a year just is not going to cut it.

For one thing, Environmental toxins really are all around you. In recent studies, perchlorate, a by-product of jet fuel is being found in all mothers’ breast milk in 36 samples tested across 18 states. The same study found perchlorate in 47 of 48 samples of cow’s milk collected from 11 states.

This is a problem because perchlorate can cause mental retardation in infants and slow metabolism in adults, among other things. As jet fuel burns, or is released to evaporate into the atmosphere before a plane lands, it eventually become part of the air you breathe, food and water. In other studies, they are finding dangerous super-toxins like dioxin, a by-product of the manufacturing or burning of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic.

Besides the toxins your breathing all the foods you are eating have some type of chemical on them, did you know when you digest food the by product it produces is acidic waste . Do you see where this is going? You have to have a way to be able to detoxify daily. If you are only detoxing once or twice a year your body is in an acidosis environment.

If you are not eating organic foods nor have a way to clean the pesticide toxins off the foods like using 11.5 high alkaline water, you are acidic, if you are eating process foods, you are acidic, if you are drinking sodas, bottle water, sport drinks, tap water you are acidic. Because people in this country are so acidic degenerative diseases is on the rise.

The best way to detoxify daily is with Ionized restructured alkaline water, the property of this water is different then the other waters. People who have some type of cancer or a major medical issue are 100% chronic acidosis.

In order to put your body in a slight alkaline environment to be healthy you have to eat more alkaline foods and drink ionized alkaline water in other words you need to be alkaline at the cellular level. By doing this you will see some amazing results.


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