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The Missing Link to Losing Body Fat/Ionized Alkaline Water

April 10, 2013

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The Missing Link to Losing Body Fat/ Ionized Alkaline Water

Why are so many people having such a hard time losing body fat? First, you have to know the root of the problem and that is acid alkaline imbalance.

The human body is amazing it will do what ever it takes to protect it self especially when comes to toxic chemicals.

Why is 63% of the population obese? It is due to the American diet, processed foods that are very acidic to the body. Bottle water, tap water, sodas, sport drinks, foods you eat, air you breathe, and the daily stress you are under is producing acid that is being absorbed in your 75+ trillion cells, your organs and in your muscles.

Because of all the acid, you are taken in your body it has to do something with it so you will not die. The body will form fat cells to put the toxic acid into, that is how the body protects it self from you being so acidic, other wise you would die. The more acidic you are the more fat cells the body will produce.

Here is an example, when you are exercising and you are sweating you are releasing toxins that you have stored up in the body, then you reach for that water bottle or sport drink to hydrate yourself, your drinking more acid. Then you go out and eat food that has toxic chemicals on it or it is processed, more acid. Do you see where this is going, acid out acid in acid out acid in? Your body has to produce a whole lot of fat cells to keep up with the cycle.

There is a way to help your body flush out the toxic waste you are putting into your body daily, you need to detoxify daily.

The first thing you have to do is change the type of water you are drinking, you have to have a way to flush out each 75+ trillion cells daily and you have to do it with alkalized micro-clustered water, no other water can enter the cell wall unless it is micro-clustered, bottle water and tap water and sports drinks the molecules are to large.

Remember, if your body is so acidic and it is storing those acid crystal in fat cells to protect itself then it is obvious the more acidic you are the fatter you are getting, the body does not want to die. Here is how you lose weight.

You start drinking restructured alkalized water that is micro-clustered and has the ability to penetrate each 75+ trillion cells and flush out those toxic crystals daily, the body then realizes it does not have to protect itself from the stored toxic chemicals in each cell, it will then start to metabolize the stored up fat cells for energy. That is why so many people who have just changed the type of water they are drinking start to lose weight, very important to drink enough water daily to lose weight ( 1 gallon per day). You have fourteen gals of water in your body, which means you have fourteen gallons of acidic water in your body, it will take you fourteens days of drinking alkalized water at 1 gallon per day to flush out the acid water you have in your body.

The body doesn’t stop there, because you are cleansing the body daily your taste for processed foods will change, you will automatically change the type of foods you are eating. The proceed foods you have been eating will not taste as good to you, sugary foods will give you an upset stomach.

If you think organic, foods have no toxic chemicals, on them, you are wrong, 11.5 high alkaline water will take the chemicals off, and you have to wash every fruit and vegetable.

There is a solution for the growing problem of obesity in this country. Ionized Alkaline Water along with a whole food plant base diet.

Watch this short video on how to lose weight, it will make sense.

Test the water for yourself for a couple of weeks it is free to try.

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