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What is in your Tap Water? You will be shocked

April 9, 2013


What is in your Tap water? You will be shocked!

I felt I had to pass this along to people. Everybody needs to know the truth about what really is in his or her tap water.

Yesterday I got a phone call from someone I shared ionized alkaline water with 6 months ago, what he found out about what really is in tap water is shocking.

He went on to tell me that he has a new client that is building a large waste treatment plant to recycle drinking water in southern California. As he was getting a tour of the plant, the head supervisor was explaining how they treat the water. He was then asked this question by the supervisor, do you drink tap water, and the particular person that called me explained to the man, I saw a demo on how bad bottle water was for the body so I started to drink my tap water. The plant supervisor told him stop drinking the tap water now, then started to explain to him way.

As the water comes down from the Colorado River, it picks up pharmaceutical drugs, antibiotics, pesticides, and human waste. The supervisor explained that know matter how many times we recycle the water we cannot get all of the contaminates out, the worse is the human waste. Be sides the contaminate being in the water we also put chemicals in to the water to keep the water from rusting the pipes.

After this young man heard all this he called me and asked how do I get my own water generator, I want myself and my future wife to start drinking pure ionized alkaline water right away I also want to start cleaning all the toxins off of my fruits and vegetables.

As you can see all waters are not the same. You may feel ok now and think drinking bottle water and tap is not hurting you, think twice about what may happen to you 10, 15, 20 years from now if you keep dinking contaminated water that is acidic to the body.


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