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Ionized Alkaline Water vs. Athletic Injuries

April 5, 2013

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Ionized Alkaline Water vs. Athletic Injuries

There has been a lot of talk and a lot of information posted on the internet about that collage basketball player who severely broke his leg. There also has been a lot of speculation on why it happened, apparently there were a few doctors at the game who saw it happened and stated that what he did to cause it to brake was not that sever in other words they felt that there had to be something going on prior to the injury.

 Years ago, it was rare to see the top athletes injured. Now it happens often – broken bones, torn muscles, abdominal and pectoral strains, even the early occurrence of cancer in athletes.

 It is well known among athletic trainers that chronic over-acidity is the underlying cause of pain, inflammation and poor performance. The body draws upon alkaline minerals stored in the bones and tissues to buffer over-acid state caused by the foods we eat, the fluids we drink, intense physical training and our generally stressful lives.

 The body will do anything it can to keep the pH of the blood at its optimum level of 7.36 to 7.45 because if it drops to 7.0, (this is a key point) it can cause a coma or even death. Because of the logarithmic scale of pH, this seemingly small change represents an acidic state four times higher, thus, the blood varies little from the proper pH. To maintain the ability to buffer acids in the blood, the body calls on alkaline minerals stored in our organs and bones ( anther key point, stored alkaline minerals) in our organs and bones. The body will damage its own organs before it let the blood pH become acidic. Thus, chronic long-term over-acidity accelerates aging of our internal organs and tissues.

 We are exposed to sources of toxins in our modern world from the air, water, food, cleaning products, cosmetics-the body has a vastly expanded load to deal with compared to just 100 years ago.

 If your body is so acidic and you are not replacing the alkaline minerals with a good source, your body will not be able to store minerals it needs to buffer the acid build up. It will steal the minerals from your bones, muscles and organs that in turn will cause your bones to be weaker as well as your muscles and organs.

 One of the best sources of alkaline minerals is ionized alkaline water a long with a whole foods plant base diet.

 Something else we need to understand not all minerals are the same just like not all gas for your cars are the same or not all wines is the same it goes for minerals as well.

 Why is ionized alkaline water one of the better sources of minerals? Because they are considered a high colloidal mineral: The ionization converts the minerals in water into ionic (electrical base) or colloidal form, considered the best bioactive form. Every OH- ion will be bonded with an ionic mineral like calcium. Each glass of alkaline water has many billions of these life-enhancing molecules. Remember, just dissolving calcium (chemical base) in water and drinking does not mean that your body will assimilate the calcium- your body can only assimilate minerals that are ionic (colloidal).

 Change the type of water you drink will give you the minerals you need to bring your body to a healthy pH.


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