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Taking Responsibility for the fish bowl/Ionized Alkaline Water

April 4, 2013


Taking Responsibility for the fish bowl/Ionized Alkaline Water


Everyone has seen a fish bowl that needs cleaning. Slime builds up on the glass and wastes cloud the water. The longer you wait to clean the bowl, the more difficult the task becomes, and the greater the chances of losing the fish. In this analogy, the fish is you, and the cleanliness of the fish bowl is an indicator of your health. Ultimately, you are the only one who can take responsibility for keeping the fish bowl clean and for keeping the fish alive.


Water is the foundation of every health care program. Since you are 75% water, drinking the best water you can find is a big part of keeping your fish bowl clean. Drinking Kangen Water is the easiest single thing you can do to support the environment in your fish bowl. It will help you take responsibility in a number of ways:


Kangen Water structured water. That means it will hydrate your body faster and more efficiently than any other water. This can provide more energy for every function in you body. You may notice softer skin, easier bowel movements, and more energy right away.


Structured Kangen water will also aid in the efficient removal of toxins and wastes. It will almost be as if you have installed a filtration system in your fish bowl so that detoxification can happen without having to work so hard at it. Many people notice cleansing reactions when they begin to drink Kangen water as the detoxification pathways are able to move out stored wastes.


Ionized alkaline water has an excess number of electrons that can neutralize the free radicals responsible for pain, inflammation, and many symptoms. Since free radicals are a big part of every disease and a known part of the aging process, drinking Kangen water can keep you swimming a lot longer. But even better you will feel like swimming.


However, do not make the mistake thinking that all alkaline waters are the same that just is not true. Just as all gas is not the same or all wines are not all the same. It has to be ionized alkaline water (Kangen water) it has to be OH- ion with a ionic mineral bonded to it. What is in your tank?









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