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Being sore after exercise not a good thing

March 12, 2013

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Health Tip-Why is it that trainers tell people that it is a good thing to be sore after you have trained or if you are not sore after training you are not training hard enough. The biggest reason for trainer’s mis informing their clients is lack of education. If you fell pain, why would that be a good thing? The human body is not stupid it is trying to tell you what ever you are doing to cause this pain stop.

This post is for those of you that are getting ready for a show, or training for a show. This also applies for those of you who are just training hard to get into shape.

As a former power lifter and body builder and a strength and condition coach I know what it takes to get ready for a show. The agony you go threw, soreness, aches and pains, trying to recover after a hard training session and the diet we had to do, and what about the weight gain after the show. It just did not seem healthy to go threw all that for a show, there had to be a better way of doing it.

Over a year ago, I discovered how important hydration was for recovery after a hard training session. What I did not know, that the water I was drinking was not hydrating me at the cellular level. It was until I learned that the surface tension of the water determined how the cells accept the water molecules, it is called micro-cluster. What does that mean? The bottle water I was drinking, water molecules were in clusters of 20-30 the cell cannot recognize the large clusters, you may absorb 17% the rest goes around the cell and out the door. Then I discovered little water (restructured alkaline water with a negative charge) these water molecules are in clusters of 3-6 and has a negative charge to it, the cells recognize the smaller clusters and will utilize more of the water molecules. What does this all mean, superior hydration at the cellular level?

Now let us get back to why you are so sore after a hard training session and why most of us had to wait 48 hours to train again, and why we had to worry about over training. The biggest enemy for any Athletes that trains hard is the by-product of that training session, lactic acid, pyruvic acid and CO2. These are the toxic waste or free radicals that do the damage to the cells and muscles that is why you feel pain after a hard training, this is why you are so sore after a hard training session and that is why recovery is so slow. You have to have a way to flush out those free radicals before they do damage to your cells and muscles. I have found that little water (restructured alkaline water) will do just that, the key is the water has to have a negative charge to it. The water molecules clusters are small enough to penetrate the cells walls and flush the acids out of the cells and muscles before they do any damage. Your recovery is much faster, you can train harder and you are not sore. Look at it as a natural steroid that is legal with no side affects. Do not let any body tell you that being sore after a hard work out is a good thing, they are wrong.


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