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Stop Killing US Acid Alkaline Imbalance

March 1, 2013

ph chart good one

Health Tip- In one of my classes the topic was the leading causes of Death, the static’s are unbelievable.
Children 14 years and under, leading cause of death cancer. Children with diabetes still on the rise (western diet, dehydration, chronic acidosis). Children who are obese on the rise. The next time you are out shopping just look around, look what these kids are eating and drinking. Kids in school with mental issues on the rise. In addition, the adults are just as bad, what kind of an example are they to their kids.
Number one killer- Heart Disease, number two killer-Cancer, number three killer Medical Care “wow” is that a surprise? In the group Death by Health care, the largest category of death in this group is hospitalized patients who die from the” noxious, unintended and undesired effect of a drug,” which occurs at normal doses. This makes Death by health care number 3 in the U.S.
What is wrong with this picture? Educate your self on acid-alkaline imbalance that is where it has to start, you need to change the Ph of your body other wise you are just spinning your wheels.
I am so grateful my family has gone with the healthy way of life and has taught their kids about health. The first thing we did was educated them on not all waters are the same and how bad sodas, sports drinks were for them. By following what their parents taught them, my grand kids will have a better chance of not getting some type of degenerative disease late in life.
You see degenerative disease just does not happen over night, and all degenerative diseases start at the cellular level as chronic acidosis.


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