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Kangen Water vs. Aging

February 9, 2013

rotten applesOxidationScale

Health Tip- Kangen Water vs. Aging. All of us who are up in age are always looking for the fountain of youth. Some of us seem to think by spending thousands of dollars for plastic sugary is the only way to go or how about all those facial medications that are supposed to make or face and skin look younger, what you really doing is just adding more free radicals to your body to cause the aging process to multiply. The problem is most of you have missed a very important factor on reversing aging, what about or insides, our insides age also. Have you ever heard of free radicals, those are the little critters that age us prematurely from the outside to the inside and you have to have a way to neutralize them. Look at the chart above, any fluids that have a positive ORP charge to it is aging you prematurely.

What does ORP mean? Oxidation-reduction potential, in other words aging, rusting. Let me give you an example of aging and what those free radicals are doing to your body. You are breathing, eating, drinking free radicals daily, every glass of soda, bottle water and sport drinks and tap water you are consuming massive free radicals, what about stress, lots of free radicals. Check out the apple above, I am sure most of you have seen this. This is what is happening to our cells in or bodies and on the out side as well, free radical damage. Why is degenerative disease on the rise in the United States.

The fluids you want to drink to reverse aging has to have a –ORP, antioxidants or anti-aging properties. If you say it back wards, a Potential to reverse Oxidation, anti aging, now doesn’t that sound better. You have to be able to neutralize those free radicals on a daily bases. And the only way you can do that is change the type of water you are drinking(Kangen water) the water you are drinking has to have a negative charge to it or it will not be able to penetrate the 75 trillion cells to neutralize those free radicals. By drinking Kangen water, you are getting millions of the best source of antioxidants. Check the chart above and see where bottle water and tap water falls into then look to see where Kangen water is.

However, not all-alkaline water is the same. You have to have all three properties of the best source of alkaline water in order to reverse aging. –ORP, Alkaline, Micro-Clustered (small molecules 3-5 per cluster, if one of these is missing it will not work.

A couple of weeks ago I did a live demo on the properties of restructured alkaline water at a retirement home. I got there a little early. As I was sitting there waiting I noticed many elderly people playing some type of card game. I was amazed on how many of them were disabled of looked very sick, some of them were bent over so bad they could hardly walk. What really amazed me was the main topic of there discussion among themselves. It was all about how sick they were and the type of medications they needed to take every day just to get out of bed ‘WOW’ was that an eye opener, thank you Derek for showing us Kangen water. This is free radical damage, look at the apple again.

The fountain of youth has all was been in front of us we just did not recognize it. “Antioxidants”. Antioxidants will neutralize free radicals, and the best source of antioxidants is a few big glasses of Kangen water, you have billions of antioxidants in each glass. You cannot possibly eat enough fruits and vegetables to get the amount of antioxidants in just a few glasses of alkaline water. You want to age gracefully and walk straight up, drink the right amount of Kangen water per day. It is much cheaper, don’t you have to drink water any way.

The Japanese discovered the fountain of youth that is why they out live everybody in the world on the chart, they are list number one on the chart we are number 52 on the chart below Cuba and they shoot people in Cuba. The Japanese introduced the medical device to the United Sates in 2006; it hooks right up to your kitchen faucet.

What is the point of this post: That not all waters are the same? The enjoyment of life, especially the second half of life, is greatly compromised if we cannot see, if we cannot think, if our kidneys do not work or if our bones are broken or fragile. I, for one, hope that I am able to fully enjoy not only the time in the present, but also the time in the future, with good health and independence.


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