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Water vs. Food

February 5, 2013

alkaline water

Health Tip- For the last few weeks I have been reading a lot of post on face book about how important nutrition(food), the type of foods we need to eat and how we need to change our why of eating to have true health, they are all right on. However, nobody ever rights about how important hydration (water) is for us to live and to have true health. Everybody is always talking about change your diet and you will lose weight or change your diet you will reach your goals, what if you change the type of water you are drinking, how would that affect your over all health. Think about this, how long would you live if you stop drinking water vs. stop eating, you will die from dehydration before you would die from starvation.

All nutrients from the foods you eat has to have some type of transport system to take the nutrients to the 75 trillion cells, of course that is water. Your brain is 80% water, your blood is 95% water your body is 75% water, it seems keeping hydrated is pretty important.

One thing I have learned, not all waters are the same. You have to understand that all waters will not hydrate you. Do this test, drink 2 bottles of bottle water and then go out and run and see how you feel we all know the answer to that. When you drink the right water, by the time it hits the stomach must of it has already been absorbed in your 75 trillion cells.

You need to re think your health platform and focus more on dehydration as being the root of being unhealthy. You also need to know that dehydration will also cause chronic acidosis and this will cause you to get some type of degenerative disease later in life.


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