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Restructured Alkaline Water vs. Exercise Soreness

January 27, 2013

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Most supplement companies talk about how their supplement can restore the tissues after exercising. Remember any supplement you take with 9.5 kangen water you magnify the utilization of that supplement so you do not need to take as much. The most important thing to getting bigger, faster, stronger is how fast you recover after a hard work out, in other words how fast can you get back into the gym and train hard again. The only way you can do this is by flushing out the lactic acid and other acidic waste that your body produces when you train. You need to do this as soon as possible before the acid waste does damage to the muscle cells and that is by drinking enough of the 9.5 restructured alkaline water before, during and after you train.

You can take all the supplements you want; it will not clean the acidic waste out of the muscle cells. If you do both you, have super charged that supplement. All supplements need some type of transport system and we all know that is water, drinking 9.5 restructured alkaline water will take all supplements and vitamins to your 75 trillion cells as soon as it touches your lips and in your mouth.

Not all alkaline waters are the same; the alkaline water has to have a negative charge. The best alkaline water you can possibly drink has three unique properties, -ORP (Electrical charge) Alkaline (high pH 9.5+) in my opinion the most important property is micro-clusters (water molecules in clusters of 5-6) if you are missing any one of these properties you are not drinking the best water on the plant. I have had people bring me a bottle of water that says high 9.5 alkaline water, when I tested it with my ORP meter to see if it has a negative charge they will always measure a positive charge. That bottle of high 9.5 alkaline water is missing the –ORP it is very acidic to the body, it is dead water(bulk water, molecules are in clusters of 50-200 will NOT penetrate the cell walls to hydrate that cell and flush out the acid waste. That is why so many professional teams and athletes are now drinking restructured alkaline water with a –ORP, they are not getting sore after a hard work out, they are fully recovered for their next work out. Just try the water to see for yourself it does not cost anything to try.


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