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Scrap the Weight Scale, it’s all about Losing body-fat and how your Clothes Fit You.

January 26, 2013


Weight loss made easy

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Weight Loss: It seems that people are still trying to find the quick fix solution to lose weight, even if it is unhealthy for them. It may work for a while but it will not last.

It is pretty obvious that those fad diets do not work we still are one of the fattest countries in the world, obesity is still a growing issues here in America and all the diseases that go a long with it.

What is really sad is child obesity is on the rise, just look around when you are in a public place how many over weight kids do you see.

What comes a long with child obesity is child diabetes, that also is on the rise, that is a serious issue.

If your child has diabetes that is your felt as a parent, look at your child’s diet, most likely that is one of the causes, and if that child is drinking sodas, you most likely sentence him or her to death or having to go threw the pain of cancer.

What If someone told you that they know of a way to help the body to loss that unwanted extra weight and it safe and natural with no side affects and you use it every day anyway and it is backed by decades of research would that spark an interest.

The first thing you need to know is the root of the problem why people gain weight or having a hard time losing weight and keeping it off it is called chronic acidosis.

Because of the toxic chemicals you are breathing and the water you are drinking and the process foods you are eating and the stress of life your body is over acidic. The only way your body has a way to protect itself from dying because you are so acidic, HOW, it will store the toxic waste in your fat cells. What if you are so acidic and you run out of fat cells, what do you think the body will do to protect itself, yep, your body will make more fat cells to store the toxic waste. No matter what fad diet you go on or how long you go on the treadmill that stored fat is not going anywhere, you need a way to flush out the acid build up in your 75+ trillion cells, in other words, you need a way to detoxify daily.

Detoxify your body daily is the key to being healthy and having the ability to fight off degenerative diseases, those of you that have gone thru a body detoxifying most of you have lost weight doing that, just think if you were doing that daily and still eat food wouldn’t that be great, guess what you can.

Most Americans are not doing this, that is why this country is so sick.

What is the answer? very simple so simple people just can not wrap their hands around it “proper hydration with the hydrogen rich water.”

If you think by you drinking bottle water, tap water,RO water, sports drinks, and sodas you are hydrating yourself, you are wrong you are just adding more acidic waste to your body.

The structures of the molecules in bottle water, tap water, all sodas are too big; they cannot penetrate the cell walls to flush out the acid waste. By drinking hydrogen rich water (electrolyzed reduced water KW), the molecules are in a pattern (structure) , because of the of the structured pattern, the water molecules can penetrate the cell, that is how you lose weight by just changing the type of water you are drinking.

Think about this, it makes sense, if you are able to flush out the acidic waste daily in your 75+ trillion cells, then why would the body have to protect itself because you are so acidic, it doesn’t, you are detoxifying the cells from acid waste daily, there is no reason the body needs to store the acidic waste crystals, you then will start metabolizing the fat in the cells.

Here are a few scientific case study showing  Hydrogen Rich Water helps with weight loss

Alkalized reduced Water (hydrogen rich water) Weight Loss Plan

It may be beneficial to try an alkaline water weight loss plan. In a 2011 preliminary study published in the journal Original Internist, researchers found that obese individuals who drank two liters of alkaline water daily lost an average of 12 pounds over two months. In a 52-week study published in the International Journal of Experimental Pathology in 2001, rats that drank water with the highest pH level lost the most weight.

Change the body’s pH to a slightly alkaline, you will start losing weight.

Here is a before picture of me in my sixties with my grand son, not looking so good for being a Wellness Coach/strength and conditioning coach for over 4 decades even we fall off the wagon some times, I developed a lot of medical issues because of the fat I gain, over time I realized this is not me, so I did something about it, I had just learned about hydrogen rich water (electrolyzed reduced water) I bought an electrolysis device form Enagic (SD501) at that moment my life changed a long with my whole family.


Understand changing your eating lifestyle is not easy that is why most of you have failed on diets,the most popular fad diets are not something you can stay on for life they are not healthy over long term. How easy is it to change the type of water you are drinking, you have to drink water any way right, if the water you are drinking is able to detoxify you daily and research shows detoxifying helps with losing weight how much easier is that then jumping right in changing your diet, detoxifying  is going to clean your body out from toxic waste, once it starts this process the body is no longer going to want the junk foods, at that point you then change the way you eat to more of fresh alkaline foods raw.

This is me at 65 years old, living a healthy life style drinking 1 gal of hydrogen rich water (KW) daily.


This has completely change my health platform when working with a client who is looking to lose weight, I let them try the water for free for two weeks so they can see for themselves, I will do the same for you, you just have to see this short video first, if it make since to you, you can msg me go to

Before and after picture of a mom wanting to do her first physic show drinking hydrogen rich water and changing to a healthy lifestyle.


When I work with someone looking to lose body fat, the first thing I do is change the type of water they are drinking. At this point, I do not even change there eating habits. Once the body starts to flush out the acidic waste build up in the cells,your plait will change and things like sodas, process foods, sugars will not taste the same, you will no longer crave those types of foods. It sounds too simple, it is.

What if someone told you that what they found to speed up fat loss also helps in anti-aging would you want to know about it or at least look into it. hydrogen rich water also has a negative charge to it that means you are drinking a class that has millions of antioxidants, which means anti aging or how about reverse aging.


The cause of premature aging is dehydration, what happens to a grape when you take the water out of it, you know the answer to that.

Just try the water, it is free to try.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Wellness Coach/Strength and Conditioning Coach/CMHS


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