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Weight Loss- Not All Waters are the Same

January 14, 2013

alkaline water

Health Tip- water absorption is miss understood. People are confused on how water is absorbed into the cells. Most people think by drinking tap water or bottle water it goes into the stomach and hydrates all the cells, that just is not true. Bottle water and tap water molecules are in clusters of 15-28+ it cannot penetrate the cell wall. Because of this, your cells will only absorb a small percentage. Scientist from around the world have been researching water, there is decades of scientific and clinical research that supports the benefits of restructured alkaline water, they came up with a conclusion that the structure of the water is more important then the chemical compound. Micro-clustered restructured water are in clusters of 4-8 molecules and has a negative charge to it, because of this as soon as the water touches your lips it will be absorbed into the body. Because of the smaller clusters, the water molecules can penetrate the cell walls for better hydration and flush out the stored toxins in your cells. Remember your body also has an electrical charge in it. The one thing that people first notice when they drink the water is, they do not have that bloated feeling after drinking 16-20 oz. Because of the environmental toxins that surround us, you have to be able to detoxify our selves daily. If the small clusters of water are able to enter the cells more efficiently then how much more are you able to utilize the nutrients from your foods. Better digestion equals weight loss.

Bill Mabry


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