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The Scientific Health Benefits when doing a ketogenic meal (Body fat loss) Protocol Number 3

The Scientific Health Benefits when doing a ketogenic meal (Body fat loss)

Protocol Number 3

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet that switches your body from running on carbs to running on fats.

When we break down fats for energy, small molecules called ketone bodies are produced that are used for the production of ATP instead of glucose. This result is improved mitochondrial function for energy, this is why so many people are feeling an increase of energy when they are burning fat for fuel (rocket fuel), most of your energy is coming from your mitochondria, not only are you producing more energy you are also helping cellular health.

The bottom line guys are, you are burning fat for energy which is rocket fuel for your body instead of burning sugar from carbohydrates which is just gasoline for the body.

Study have shown that a ketogenic diet helps with many disease models, and because it helps in producing blood ketones it also supplies the brain with energy, the ketones are so small they are able to pass through the blood brain barrier.

By being in ketosis most of the day and eating ketogenic meals daily you are also setting up you body to become fat adapted, understand that getting into fat adapted takes time doing a ketogenic diet it will not happen overnight.

Another benefit doing a ketogenic diet and being in ketosis for a certain amount of time, is the amount of energy you will feel. For us this is very important for when we are working out will we are fasting, we like to work out deep into our fasting say around 18 hours, for us the energy we receive when we work out in a deep fast still blows us away, we have plenty of energy to do our exercise and we are recovering after each exercise, our recovery drink while we work out is electrolyzed reduced water with molecular hydrogen H2, this is our daily drinking water that is structured to flush out inflammation ( , because of the many benefits of being in ketosis we are fully recovered after a hard training session by the time we leave the gym.

Why is it we have so much energy will in ketosis and why are we able to keep our strength up through our exercise session? During an extended fasting and being in ketosis you body will naturally produce hormones that will help in adding lean muscle even if you are a senior.

Here is a great example why athletes and even weekend warriors that work out see the benefits being in ketosis when it comes to recovery and massive amounts of energy. Your body will burn carbohydrates that you eat (starchy carbs) that is then converted into sugar (glucose) first, this is what we call gasoline for the body to use as energy through out the day, sugar is much easier for the body to go after and use for energy, now, during an extended fasting your body will use up all the sugar in the liver and muscle none as glycogen for energy to operate the body. Once you run out of sugar for energy to run the body, the body needs to get energy somewhere right, this is where fat adapted comes into play, the body will than tap into your stored fat cells, this energy source is known as rocket fuel, and at the same time you are burning fat stores you also are losing inches of body fat, the question is, would you rather burn gasoline for energy or rocket fuel for energy and burn off the unwanted belly fat.

When you have been doing both intermittent and extended fasting for a period of time and combing it with a ketogenic meals, you will than become fat adapted, your body will turn into a fat burning machine, even though you may have a keto meal after your fast, your body goes after the fat in that meal first for energy, but what is really cool, it also is still using some of your body that you have stored up as fuel at the same time, how cool id that, say good by to your belly fat.

So, if you were to have a meal that consist of a complex carb ( starchy carbs) the body will convert it to sugar, remember what I said, it is much easier for the body to go after sugar for energy than for it to go after your fat, by eating that complex carb you now if thrown your body out of fat adaptation , you are no longer burning fat (rocket fuel) for energy you are now burning sugar (gasoline) for energy, you will not burn any fat until your body uses up all the sugar in your liver and muscle none as glycogen.

The health benefits of doing a ketogenic meals is keeping your body in ketosis (fat adapted) when you are burning fat for energy you are also producing ketones naturally, I am not talking about ketone supplements, natural ketones are a great source of fuel for the brain, ketones are water soluble that are able to pass the blood brain barrier and feed your brain cells, research has shown that you can produce new cells. When you are burning sugar and carbohydrates (gasoline) for fuel the by product is free radical damage at the cellular level, and it will damage the medichindra in the cell that helps with ATP production (energy). When you are burning fat for energy (rocket fuel), it will burn much cleaner with much less production of free radicals, the body utilizes ketones for energy much more efficiently than when it is burning sugar and carbohydrates.

Those of you looking just to lose that unwanted belly fat, you need to be fat adapted most of (ketosis) the time consistently, you also need to know this does not happen overnight, it only happens when you are consistent. Don’t there are a lot of other health benefits be sides losing that body fat when adding ketogenic meals to your daily routine, there also more real science research coming out all the time.

The Real Skinny on Fat the Truth About Weight Loss Episode 1

The science behind a ketogenic diet for many disease models

During intermittent and extended fasting and being in ketosis, electrolytes (minerals) are huge, you have to replace your electrolytes throw out the day, I am talking about natural electrolytes that are in your source water and electrolytes that are in pink sea salt, I am not talking about man made electrolytes that you buy in a pill form or powder, do you guys really think the body is that stupide, the body know those supplements are not good, they were man made and beside they were made in a lab, man will never mimic natural supplements, Why? Because you have to have all the minerals and trace minerals, they all work as a team, you can not isolate minerals into a pill form and expect the body to utilize it, it is missing the other minerals that will help the body recognize it as binging good, has anybody out there discovered a plant that has pills growing off of it.

The third protocol we combine with intermittent and extended fast and ketogenic meals is electrolyzed reduced water with molecular hydrogen H2 as our daily drinking water why, because science says everyone need to change their type of water to water that has therapeutic affects on the body, it helps with many disease models like cancer and also help with weight loss, it helps the body to detox daily, and it is structured to flush out inflammation with every glass , inflammation is the root cause of all diseases.

What make this water so therapeutic to the body, it is because of the smallest molecule on this planet, molecular hydrogen H2, it also has a higher pH alkaline, you can check out the scientific case study link I posted.

My wife and I have been doing research on these 3 protocols for about a year now, these are our recent pictures of where we are at today, my wife is 63 years old I am 65 years old.

Me at almost 66 years old

My wife at 63 years old

Clinical Studies and Research on Electrolyzed-Reduced Water for many Diseases models

Simple truth not all water is the same

Health benefits of a ketogenic diet

Beyond weight loss: a review of the therapeutic uses of very-low-carbohydrate (ketogenic) diets

Effects of a ketogenic diet on tumor metabolism and nutritional status in pediatric oncology patients: two case reports.

The calorically restricted ketogenic diet, an effective alternative therapy for malignant brain cancer

Effects of a ketogenic diet on the quality of life in 16 patients with advanced cancer: A pilot trial

Effects of a low-carbohydrate diet on weight loss and cardiovascular risk factor in overweight adolescents

Very-low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet v. low-fat diet for long-term weight loss: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

If this all makes sense to you msg us we will let you sample the water for free for 2 weeks, so you can see for yourself, let us test your water for safe drinking, no obligations the education is free while you are sampling it, you have nothing to lose you have to drink water any way.

Bill & Emily Mabry
Weight loss Consultant/ Strength and Conditioning Coach/ Molecular Hydrogen H2 Consultant/ Health consultant/ CMHS

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2 Seniors have found 3 protocols that will help you Lose that unwanted Belly Fat long term

2 seniors have found 3 protocols that will help you lose that unwanted belly fat long term

After almost a years’ worth of research we have found these 3 protocols seem to work the best for us and the many people I put on them, we also learned that science is also showing that these 3 protocols also help with many disease models like cancer. We have learned that if you follow these 3 protocols you will lose that unwanted body fat and belly fat in a very short time, we learned that these 3 protocols will help in adding lean muscle and slow premature aging.

3 protocols that will help you turn into a fat burning machine long term.

1. Electrolyzed reduced water with hydrogen H2(antioxidants/ natural electrolytes)
2.Intermittent and extended fasting (controls the hormone that stores fat) (increases women growth hormones by 1300%/increases men’s growth hormones by 2000%)
3.Ketogenic meals (get your body fat adapted)

If you work out 4 plus days a week you can snack on keto snacks between meals only if you need to.

It has been said that women and men fast different, because women have different hormones than men, in a since this is true, women need to be monitored by someone who has a knowledge on different fasting protocols.

In our research for almost a year now, my wife and I have found that she is able to do extended fasting (24 hour) along with me, 2 to 3 times a week with no side effects to her hormones, one thing we do know that most people do not, we hydrate with electrolyzed reduced water with molecular hydrogen H2 ( antioxidant/electrolytes) we have found that when doing fasting 18 to 20 hour plus, electrolytes replacement is huge, I am talking about the natural electrolytes in your source water no added manmade supplement to your drinking water, when you understand what and how the body utilizes nutrients and mineral, you will learn the body doesn’t recognize manmade supplements as being good, ever heard of this, If man made it don’t eat it, there is some truth to this, some of you know that.

With every glass of electrolyzed reduced water, you are getting massive amounts of electrolytes and antioxidants, and besides you are detoxifying the body daily, how important do you think that is. Something you might want to know, we both are in our mid-sixties, so don’t think you are too old to get in the best shape of your life with our 3 protocols, something else you might want to know, science research backs these 3 protocols up, showing how they may help with many disease models like cancer etc.

Monday- 24 hour fast every Monday- come off the fast with a nutritional keto salad or my green protein keto smoothie. One meal this day. (1 meal)
Tuesday- 18/6 or 20/4 fast. (2 meals keto snack if needed)
Wednesday- 18/6 or 20/4 fast. (2 meals keto snack if needed)
Thursday- 18/6 or 20/4 fast. (2 meals keto snack if needed)
Friday- 18/6 or 20/4 fast. (2 meals keto snack if needed)
Saturday- 18/6 or 20/4 fast. (2 meals keto snack if needed)
Sunday- Feed day, 12/12-3 to 4 meals what every I feel like(optional)

The week we do not do a 48 hour fast, sometime we will do 3-24 hour fast that week, it depends on how we fell.

Tip- Some of you may need to add some type of low glycemic starchy carbohydrate to your last meal of the of the day a couple times a week, example sweet potatoes or a yam, that is ok, but be sure you do it at your last meal, once you get into fat adapted by doing the keto meals, we want you to be burning fat for energy all day, starchy carbohydrate with take you out of burning fat for fuel, instead it will burn the starchy carb for fuel.

If this makes sense to you, you have to start somewhere, the simplest and fastest way to get on to the journey to lose that unwanted body fat and belly fat, and it helps with many disease models, is change the type of water you are drinking, msg us we will let you sample the water for free for 2 weeks, so you can see for yourself, no obligations the education is free while you are sampling it, you have nothing to lose you have to drink water any way.
My before picture

My after picture at 66 years old

My wife at 63 years old

Bill &Emily Mabry
Health Consultant/ Molecular Hydrogen H2 Consultant/CMHS

Extended fasting has been shown to help fight the war on Cancer.

Extended fasting has been shown to help fight the war on Cancer research.

Scientific study has found that fasting for 72 hours can regenerate the entire immune system

I am excited about this new scientific research on the benefits of intermittent and extended fasting.

As a health professional it is our job to stay on top of the new research that comes out and pass it on to the public, the problem is most of the time that is not happening, it seems like every month new research comes out on electrolyzed reduced water (molecular hydrogen H2) as your daily drinking water and intermittent and extended fasting to help lose that unwanted body fat and slow premature aging and help fight cancer, this is why it is important to keep doing continuing education, most of your health professionals and medical doctor are not taking the time to do this, this way they are so behind the eight ball.

Over and over I have been telling you guys that there is more health benefits then just losing that unwanted belly fat when doing intermittent and extended fasting, and how it helps to reverse disease like type 2 diabetes, and so many other disease models, now research is showing it also helps with cancer and those of you who have gone through chemo or radiation, you might want to pass this on to someone you know that has cancer or someone you know that went through the western cancer treatment.

Here are the new results they have found that when doing intermittent and extended fasting the health benefits are long term and beyond what most health professional ever new.

Awareness Act

There has been controversy surrounding the potential benefit or hazards of fasting. On one hand, supporters of fasting, like us, point out the many benefits that they claim fasting provides, for us we have been fasting for a year now, we have felt and we can see the benefits fasting has for our health, I lost 36 pounds in a short time, my wife I both are in our mid-sixties, we both lost all of our belly fat and we are both are in the best shape we have ever been in, there is no better way to find out if intermittent and extended fasting has health benefits than doing it yourself and follow the 3 protocols they we have found to work to get the fastest and healthiest results.

Some of the benefits are, promotes weight loss (lose body fat) normalizing insulin resistance (this hormone is the root cause to why you have that belly fat) lowering triglycerides levels in the body and slowing the sign of aging ( we like this).

There are a number of different “fasting plans” ranging from intermittent fasting lasting, on average, 14 to 18 hours to longer-term plans abstaining from solid foods for 2 to 3 days, these are the ones I like the extended fasting, my level of energy is high, and my recovery during my weight training is at its peak, “why” we are dipping into more of our hormone testosterone and growth hormones for a longer period of time.

Each of these protocols carry their own health benefits, offering options for everyone, like I said above, the best research is by doing it yourself by following the 3 protocols that we have found to work for us and the many people we have put on them, it has to be for 6 month to a year, all good things happen over time.

Here is what I found to be sad, many nutritionists and medical professionals argue that fasting is nothing more than an unsupported trend, and carries with it a number of health risks, this is far from the truth, if only they would take the time to do their research they would see there is a massive amounts of scientific research proving the benefits of intermittent and extended fasting, most of them don’t, they give bad advise without even doing their research, what they don’t realize they are making fools of themselves because there is so much good scientific research showing the benefits.

What they do is point to the loss of nutrients during the time spent fasting, as it limits not only the intake of unhealthy foods but also those that our bodies require including fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats.

Furthermore, they argue that fasting often leads to rebound eating, which results in an overall weight gain as opposed to the sought-after weight loss. If only they would take the time do their research that would see this is not true.

New research out of the University of Southern California (fasting regenerate entire immune system).

USC presents a fascinating discovery, once again bringing the debate to the forefront. The team gathered a group of participants and asked them, in the initial stages, to fast for 2-4 days on a regular basis over a 6-month period. During this time, they witnessed some incredible changes. The participants saw noticeable decrees in production of the enzyme PKA, a hormone which has been associated with increase risk of cancer and tumor growth. Furthermore, the immune system of the participants appeared to get a complete overhaul.

Guys this is huge, you see how important it is to do continual education, new research is coming out all the time, the problem is no one is informing the public about these research’s.

Professor Valter Longo, PHD, the researcher of the study expressed his surprise with the study’s findings, stating, “What we started noticing in both our human and animal work is that the white blood cell count goes down with prolong fasting. Than when you re-feed, the blood cells come back. So, we started thinking, well, where does it come from?”

The findings may provide considerable promise (fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged old immune system) for those that are susceptible to disease, currently receiving chemotherapy treatments or simply for our aging population. The research showed that the act of fasting triggered a switch to flip in the body, signaling it to begin a “stem-cell based regeneration of the hematopoietic system. “it forced the body to use up its stores of glucose, fat and ketones, and also started to break down a large number of white blood cells. The loss of white blood cells flagged the body to, in turn, regenerate new immune system cells.

Professor Longo explained, “When you starve, the system tries to save energy, and one of the things it can do to save energy is to recycle a lot of immune cells that are not needed, especially those that may be damaged. “This would mean that according to the stud’s findings the process of fasting for 72-hour period followed by re-feeding with a healthy, nutritionally focused diet can, essentially, provide those who are struggling with a new immune system.

This recent study shows the health benefits when doing intermittent and extended fasting, this should help you realize that your health professional or medical doctor has no idea what he is talking about when he tells you, intermittent and extended fasting has no health benefits, and besides there are a lot of other studies proving the benefits.

One of the biggest benefits you are going to get from doing our 3 protocols is losing that unwanted belly fat in a short amount of time, besides getting all the health benefits that comes with it “Long term.”

What Emily and I do, we let people try the first protocol for free, we will share the water (electrolyzed reduced water with hydrogen H2) first, you have to start with this protocol first, we will explain why, we do this for 2 weeks, at the same time you will be educated on why so many people are felling the healing affects when they have change the type of daily water they are drinking to electrolyzed reduced water with Hydrogen H2, all you have to do is msg us to get started, it is up to you if to decide if you see value in this change, no obligations.

More scientific case studies showing the benefits of intermittent and extended fasting helping to fight the war on cancer by using the bodies own tools.

Research showing combing intermittent and extended fasting with a ketogenic diet may help cancer patients. (cancer cannot use ketones as food, burning fat produces more blood ketone).

Science research also showing by you changing the type of water you are drinking you also are helping the body fight cancer and many other disease models.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6a
Health consultant/ Molecular Hydrogen H2 consultant/CMHS


Two seniors broke the myth, intermittent and extended fasting causes loss of lean muscle, true or false?

Two seniors broke the myth, intermittent and extended fasting causes loss of lean muscle, true or false?

It is Saturday the last day of my 30-day challenge, just to update you why I did this challenge, I had to trainers tell me because of my age if I were to keep doing the 3 protocols that my wife and I are doing we would lose lean muscle, and would not be able to recover after a hard training session. Even though I told them that there is science backing our protocols proving what they are saying is not true and showed them how they can research it themselves, they still were in the mind set you had to eat every 2 hours, and consume 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight, and eat lots of rice and broccoli, I also thought the same thing for years.

I decided to really push the envelope even more doing to 30 day challenge, by doing longer fasting, which means less meals(calories) less proteins, we worked out 6 days a week, we both do interval strength training, each body part we do has a max set to it, the other disadvantage they said we had was our age, I am 65 my wife is 63, age is also in most of the public minds that they are too old to gain lean muscle and lose that body fat “WRONG”.

This is what I did, every other Monday I did a 43 to a 44 hour fast, only drinking my natural water hydrogen H2 (electrolytes and antioxidants), important to keep hydrated during your extended fasting, most of the public does not drink enough water and the water they are drinking is full of toxic chemicals. On the other Mondays I did 24 hour fasting, Tuesday thru Sunday I did 20 hour fasting, that gives me a 4 hour window, right, I average 2 meals with a hand fill of mixed nuts in-between most of the time, I followed a ketogenic meal plan, I found my body loved this way of eating, high good fats, moderate protein, low carbs mainly fibrous carbs raw. In between my 2 meals I had 6 to 8 oz of homemade kefir for my daily fix of fresh organic probiotics, B vitamins, and digestive enzymes, this is very important for good gut health, if you have a healthy gut you will utilize more of the nutrients you consume, you will not have to eat as many calories.

My last meal of the day was around 5:00 pm, at around 8:00 pm at night I would have 6 to 8 oz kombucha homemade fermented tea for more probiotics and digestive enzymes, I will not drink store bought kefir or kombucha I want fresh live nutrients without the contamination.

I hydrated with electrolyzed reduced water to get my electrolytes and antioxidants, I also added pink sea salts to my natural water hydrogen H2 daily, 1.5 gallons per day, contaminate free.

I knew what the results were going to end up being, I have been doing this for a while, I went from 209# down to my 8th grade weight 173#, my weight today at the end of the 30 challenge is 173#, it looks like my body set weight is now at around 173# to 174#. In those 30 days my energy level was high while training, I was recovery after every exercise, and by the time I walked out of the gym I was fully recovered, which means I could have come back to the gym that same day and trained that same body part again just as hard. Those of you that have been weight training for a will, you know how important hydration is while training, you also know that after a hard training session your body produces metabolic waste, therefore most of you get sore, this metabolic waste is causing damage to the muscle, that is why most of you must wait a couple of days before you can work out that body part. You must have a way to flush out that metabolic waste before it does damage to the muscle, this is why we now drink natural water hydrogen H2 ( therapeutic water) while we are training, here is a short video that will explain what it is the water we are drinking is coming from my home medical device that is an electrolysis devise, it takes my tap water converts it to molecular hydrogen H2 (electrolyzed reduced water) contaminate free and therapeutic to the body, it has natural electrolytes and antioxidants, not man made.

So, what were my results I WON, as you can see by the 2 pictures I did not lose any lean muscle, what I did lose was more body fat around my abs, and my scale weight dropped a couple pounds, my body set what also reset itself to around 173# to 174#. I also had to increase weights on all my exercises 3 times during that 30-day challenge, that alone should tell you something.

I am going to do these same 3 protocols for another 30 days for my own research, the bottom line is, the myth that intermittent and extended fasting will cause you to lose lean muscle is a myth, even old bodies like ours can improve with these protocols we are using, understand though food does matter when coming off your fasting, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your comfort food every so often, you just have to keep it under control, give it time, body set weight does not happen overnight, be patient and consistent.

Before picture 12/27/2017 at 65 years old

As of 1/27/2018 at 65 years old

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A1
Health Consultant/ Retired Strength and conditioning Coach/CMHS


Myth #4, fasting results in overeating, truth or lies

Myth #4, fasting results in overeating, truth or lies

I have heard health professionals tell their clients when asked this question, should I try intermittent fasting, the health professional answer back with this, No, it will cause you to over eat, many health authorities warn against missing even a single meal because it could increase your hunger and you will not be unable to avoid temptations, causing you to over eat and not be able to lose weight.

Studies have shown that on the day after a one day fast, average caloric intake increase from 2,436 to 2,914. According to Dr. Jason Fung, if you factor in what would have normally been consumed during that two-day period, 4, 872 calories, there is still a net deficit of 1,958 calories.

In Dr. Jason Fung book the increased calories don’t come close to making up for the lack of calories on the fasting day.
Studies have shown that repeated fasting, you may see the opposite effect, your appetite decreases. Intensive Dietary Management clinic, Dr. Jason Fung, personally experienced this with hundreds of his fasting patience’s, he saw his patience appetite decreases as the fasting duration increased.

In other words, the more they did intermittent fasting or an extended fasting they were not hungry, this also happened to me when I did a few 24-hour fasting 2 to 3 times a week, I had no craving for food or refine carbohydrates. If I was doing a 20 hour fast with a 4-hour window to eat, there were times when I could have gone with out a meal, I had to almost force myself to eat a meal.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A1
Weight Loss Coach/ Strength and Conditioning Coach/ CMHS

What is in the water your family is drinking


Myth #3, fasting causes your blood sugar to drop, truth or lies?

Myth #3, fasting causes your blood sugar to drop, truth or lies?

This is a great question, when someone ask me at the gym, how did you both get in such good shape at your age LOL, I tell them I have 2 protocols I do, electrolyzed reduced water for flushing out inflammation and help with recovery after a hard training session, and intermittent and extended fasting, the most common answer I get from that person is, I can’t do that I have to eat breakfast and eat every 2 hours or my blood sugar will drop, this is the typical answer I get.

We need to set it straight, when doing intermittent and extended fasting this does not actually happen.

The body tightly monitors your blood sugar level, you have multiple internal mechanisms that will keep you blood sugar at the proper level to function.

When you are doing intermittent and extended fasting, your body begins to break down glycogen (glucose) in the liver to provide glucose.

Think about this, while you are a sleep are you eating every 2 hours, of course not, you are fasting, do you wake up every morning feeling shaky and sweaty because your blood sugar has dropped, I don’t think so, you have just done a fast.

This happens every night as you sleep, the body most have a way to keep blood sugars normal as you fast overnight, does this make sense?

Say you do a fast for longer than 24-hour to 36-hours, the glycogen in your liver and muscles that are stored there for energy become depleted.

The body then takes your stored fat and starts to break it down using a process called gluconeogenesis, using glycerol that is a by-product of the breakdown of fat.

What does this mean, you do not need to eat glucose (food) for your blood glucose levels to remain normal, research has shown this to be true decades ago.

Those of you that think if you were to not eat breakfast before you work out, would cause your blood sugar to drop and then you would pass out, the process called gluconeogenesis proves this is also false.

How about those smart healthy people out there that may know more then the average person about the human body, like that medical professional or that health professional that has all those fancy expensive certification, who will tell their patient or client, who asked a question, is intermittent fasting ok for me to do? No, you should not do intermittent fasting it is unhealthy for the brain, you need glucose from the food you eat for your brain cells for energy “wrong”.

The human body is amazing, the brain also uses ketone bodies- particles that are produced when fat is metabolized- as energy. This helps us to function optimally when food is not available like when you are doing an intermittent or extended fasting, ketones provide the brain most of the energy when needed.

Think about this, if glucose were absolutely the main source for brain function. After you did say, a 24-hour or a 48-hour fast without food, when you have completely depleted all your stored glycogen, you would become a blubbering idiot as your brain will shut down, how does that even make sense.

Think about our ancestors (Paleolithic era) our intellect was our only advantage for survival during that time against wild animals. How often did our ancestors go without eating days at a time, a lot, so if glucose was the only main source of energy for our brain to function, humans would have become extinct long ago.

The essential point is, when food (glucose) is no longer available, the body switches over to burning fat for energy, the by-product of this is ketone bodies, this is where it gets interesting to the researchers, ketones can cross the blood-brain barrier to feed the brain cells, up to 75% of the brain’s energy requirements can be from ketones, how cool is that.

Conclusion: Do we have to eat food (glucose) for our brain to function efficiently, not really. When the glucose you have already stored away in the form of body fat and what the liver will produce in gluconeogenesis, you have plenty of fuel when you have no food is available, if you were to do a extending fasting it still will not send blood glucose levels dangerously low.

Research has proved this, check out Dr. Jason Fung 2 books, The Obesity Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting all the research you need is in these 2 books.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A1
Weight Loss Coach/ Strength and Conditioning Coach/CMHR
What is in the water your family is drinking
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Myth # 2, fasting makes you burn muscle, truth or lies?

Myth # 2, fasting makes you burn muscle, truth or lies

Boy, have I heard this a lot, I have to be honest, if 6 years ago you came up to me and told me as a weight lifter you were doing intermittent fasting, I would have told you, you should not be doing that, you will burn muscle, your body needs to eat every 2 hours, you need 1 gram of protein per pound to gain any kind of lean muscle, boy, was I miss lead by the public schools and Universities.

I will explain in this blog post this is not TRUE, I will give science research that will back up what I am about to tell you, and explain how our 2 protocols, electrolyzed reduced water (molecular hydrogen H2) and intermittent and extended fasting combined, will actually help you gain lean muscle and slow premature aging.

Electrolyzed reduced water(molecular hydrogen H2) for weight loss and to help slow premature aging

Clinical Studies and Research on Electrolyzed-Reduced Water for many Diseases models

Why do the medical doctors and health professionals tell people they must not do intermittent fasting if they are trying to gain lean muscle, it is because they were given the wrong information, the food industry controlled our education, think about it, why would the food industry want you to know about the health benefits when fasting, you are eating less foods and it is free, does that make sense. They were taught that fasting burns muscle, that our body, if not eating, will immediately start using our muscles as an energy source, guys I am here to tell you, this does not happen.

For example, I am 65 years old, my wife is 63 years old, we have been doing research on ourselves for around 6 months now using our 2 protocols, electrolyzed reduced water as our daily drinking water and intermittent and extended fasting, we do interval strength training, we always train when we are fasting, if it was true that we would burn lean muscle while fasting then how in the world could 2 baby boomers look like this in a short time following our 2 protocols, documentation will always over rule conversation

Emily at 63-year-old baby boomer

Bill at 65-years-old baby boomer

Remember what I wrote in my first blog, myth #1 “starvation mode” the human body evolved to survive periods of fasting. Our bodies stores energy as fat and will use the stored fat as energy when food is unavailable. Our bodies were designed to preserve muscle until your body fat got so low, say less than 4%, at that time the body has no choice but to burn to turn to muscle for energy.

Studies today of intermittent and extended fasting shows that the concern over muscle loss is largely miss understood or miss taught in our Universities.

One research showed by ( McCue, ed, Comparative Physiology of Fasting, Starvation, and food Limitation) by doing an every other day fasting for seventy days decreased body weight by 6%, but fat mass decreased by 11.4% and lean muscle mass ( muscle and bone) did not change, guys, this is real research showing this and be sides their graph also showed during fasting , the body switched from burning sugar (carbohydrate) to fat for energy, protein is spared, “WOW” .

When eating normally, you will get your energy from a mix of carbohydrates, fat, and protein. When you start to fast, the body will get its energy from carbohydrates at first, in other words, the body increases carbohydrate oxidation, what this means, it is burning sugar, in the form of glycogen that is being stored in your liver and muscles, for the first extended fasting, say you are doing a 24 hour fasting or a 48 hour fasting after you stop eating, your body will use up the stored up glycogen in the liver and muscle, when it runs out of glycogen, no more sugar to burn, the body then swatches over to burning fat, in other words fat oxidation increases as carbohydrate oxidation decreases toward zero, when this happens the magic begins, you are now tapping into the overall health benefits of fasting.

We can’t forget about protein oxidation, the research also shows burning protein, such as muscle, for fuel decreases.

This is really cool, how the body has its own internal mechanism to prevent diseases like cancer and many more. The body will take the old junk proteins that are floating around, the dead cells and reabsorb them into new proteins or flush them out, if the body did not go through a process called autophagy (slowing premature aging), those old protein have been linked to dementia, and Alzheimer’s and other diseases, can you see how important intermittent and extended fasting is for its own internal why of detoxing the body, and it did not cost you a penny.

Something to think about, why would your body store excess energy as fat if it meant to burn protein (muscles) as soon as the chips were down? Muscles and other proteins are functional tissues and have many purposes, muscles are not designed to store energy, glycogen, fat is stored for later to be used as energy when needed.

This is what most medical doctors and health professionals don’t realize, fasting is one of the most potent stimuli for growth hormone secretion, the function of our growth hormones is to help maintain lean muscle mass, if this is the case then how is fasting causing you to loss lean muscle, it is not.

Conclusion: Our bodies were designed to fast, otherwise famine cycles in Paleolithic times would have left us a ball of 100% fat, if it was true that fasting causes you to loss muscle and bones.

During your fasting, hormonal changes happen to give us more energy (increased adrenaline) and to preserve our lean muscles and bones (increased growth hormones).

This is natural and normal, don’t let your medical doctor or health professional tell you fasting is not healthy, they are both wrong, they both need to be educated by our founding fathers of medicine.

Scientific case studies

Augmented growth hormones (2 day extended fast had a 5-fold increase in men’s growth hormones).

Fasting enhances growth hormone secretion and amplifies the complex rhythms of growth hormone secretion in man. 2000 time higher in growth hormones doing extending fasting.

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Bill & Emily Mabry 6A1
Weight loss Coach/ Strength and Conditioning Coach/ CMHS
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